1. I had this exact one as a kid. I was born in 1978

  2. What I want to know is who makes the fried burrito thing with red sauce on it.

  3. I remember being in the theater when Bilbo says "finest weed in the southfarthing" and everyone laughed and I was so annoyed.

  4. I have a question. How do you get the brackets for your smooth rods perfectly vertical with one another? I'm upgrading my CoreXY and getting rid of the roller guides on the vertical frame and replacing them with something like your setup. But I'm struggling with finding a way to make sure that as the bed moves down, it doesn't drift sideways at all.

  5. You realize the onlyy ingredient in the vaccine thatt is not water, sugar, saltt, or oil is a genee fromm the virus right?

  6. You realize the onlyy ingredient in the vaccine that's not water, sugar, saltt, or oil is a genee fromm the virus right?

  7. Qanon people are convinced that the Federal Reserve is evil and that we need to go back to the gold standard. They think that fiat currency like we use now is sort of tied in with socialism and runaway money printing and Venezuela's collapse etc.

  8. One other thing to check if that doesn't work. Try the 3rd z on M4 and the extruder on M5 it might be that it's pushing the extruder over for each Z. So m2.1, M3, and M4 for Z's and M5 for the Extruder

  9. Good to see you have it working. What drivers are you using? If you are running TMC drivers you can set UART or spi depending on the model and not worry about setting V-ref manually. Its all done in the firmware and adjusted from the screen or gcode.

  10. I'm still running a4988s that I've had forever through multiple printers. I need to make the switch to something more modern.

  11. So all these different civilizations have their own stories about some ancient cataclysmic event and your conclusion that all of them are made up and are fictional. You’re bringing your, what I assume, western way of thinking, into an ancient near East text…

  12. Yep, the worldwide flood never happened. There's proof of that. And there's no way for it to even work. Think about it, if the whole world flooded, where did all the water drain to?

  13. No a worldwide flood didn’t happen but a massive flood in Mesopotamia did. To people without internet 4000 years ago, that’s the whole world in their eyes. And they documented it and gleaned wisdom from that experience.

  14. Covid vaccine doesn't cause myocarditis.

  15. What's better than lead? Lead is like God tier solder. Just a shame it's so toxic.

  16. He wasn't saying lead solder is bad, he said the bumps were almost PURE lead.

  17. You should have just peed all over the floor and your bed and not felt guilty about it.

  18. Softener can do this if it isn't soap residue like others are saying.

  19. Reminds me of Mate Toss from the game Caveman Games for NES.

  20. https://www.archaeology.org/issues/489-2211/digs/10897-digs-france-roman-cage-cup

  21. 0MY says:

    How about if the diabetes is controlled? Still same risks?

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