1. Am I imagining the boos and laughter when Kylie walked in? Was there something else going on in the room?

  2. I'm not sure what happened but I guess she was late

  3. Wait has anyone notice these designers before?

  4. Yes, Kylie has worn Coperni clothes several times for example the dress for The Kardashian premiere was by Coperni.

  5. She definitely looks bad here, but isn’t she also heavily pregnant in these pictures?

  6. she was not pregnant but had recently given birth and during her pregnancy she gained 30 pounds

  7. I’m glad I copied it, it’s already removed. Lol

  8. These glasses are strange, they don't have rods.

  9. yes I know that to say thank you is the bare minimum but I still find it cute! I'm in the Kylie phase LOL

  10. I don't know if I really like her make-up or hate it, I'm confused.

  11. I like it if I cover up her lips with my finger. For me it's always the lipstick that ruins her looks.

  12. Same! Especially when the lip contour is too dark but maybe I like this but I still don't know LOL

  13. I have the feeling that after the last event she will have to attend she will get on the jet to leave Paris without even changing outfits.

  14. Yes, Khloe responded in the last pic. Check out

  15. Yes sorry I didn't notice that there are more photos with Kris and Khloe's comment.

  16. Only a dehydrated person who pees once a day can wear such a thing.

  17. Grandma said electricity is not free.

  18. They literally copied a lot of our comments including my "out of her bubble"

  19. I like really like Kourtney hair, the medium length hair gives her a more "fresh" and "young" style.

  20. Kylie gained 60lbs during pregnancy and when they recorded this footage she had recently given birth so I guess she still had some "extra weight"

  21. Concrete sphere geometric ball decoration

  22. I still don't understand if they are in stone since Kim's bathroom is in stone or if they are in plastic if they are in stone the price is not exaggerated if it is in plastic it is a scam

  23. What did it for you? I used to think she was “nice” before I discovered that sub

  24. I heard more about this relationship of 7 months than 3 years of Kendall and Devin

  25. This is probably why Devin and Kendall are still in a relationship and Kim and Pete are not.

  26. I would have probably preferred that they had completely cut out everything about Pete, I'm still dealing with the breakup LOL

  27. So it’s a no then 😂😂 we already have Netflix , PrimeVideo and Rakuten and I don’t want to get anything else if it ain’t worth it.

  28. I see it for free on YouTube. For the first season I paid for the Disney + subscription and I regretted the € 8 like it was all the money I had in my bank account LOL

  29. Damn, she could have posted accurate news articles or like, charitable links that will actually go to the cause. This is so fucking gross. I wish she didn’t have a platform at all at this point.

  30. The tragic thing (well not the only one) is that she could have shared some charitable links and instead she is advertising the surgeon and the clinic.

  31. Looks like a hot widow Halloween costume.

  32. This post with Kim and Kanye. Kim and Kanye at PFW. Kim and Tisci. Kim at PFW with gorgeous hair and with her iconic physique, then again Kim and her hairstyle at PFW, Kim with black and brown hair. Kim styled by Kanye for SNL. Kim in Tom Ford. It's all so nostalgic.

  33. I'm not serious serious but I really thought you were in a nostalgic phase -old Kim + Kim and Kanye- LOL

  34. It's a Rick Owens bed that they brought back in 2016 (I think) cause she mentions it in S12.

  35. When North went live on TikTok she didn't have this

  36. https://giphy.com/gifs/cb22OXcPqwmg8

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