1. Clean it up and find a buyer. Even though the condition it is in is not Primo, they will respond to an old car like this that’s cleaned up. Doesn’t matter about the Rust doesn’t matter about the dents, if it’s clean it sells better. Just wash it, clean out the inside, do some more work on it, and it has more curb appeal.

  2. If he can buy his mom and dad an 8 million dollar house in Israel, he’ll pay for NATO. This is never been about the Ukrainian people this is always been about Zelenskyy

  3. After He’s taken to the appropriate woodshed, get you a new monitor

  4. Why would you put trash an Acura RSX with crap like that? Stupid

  5. You mean a Super Bird. The coolest and elite car, even today. I think I’ll hurl😭

  6. Back up your pickup, and run like you just dropped a million illegal votes in Michigan at 3 AM in the morning

  7. Biden said in February that he’d do it if Russia invaded

  8. CBS=Dan Rather, no trust factor in this article

  9. I don’t fly. So I’ll leave this to y’all. After 9/11, that ended for me

  10. I’ve read all the comments, why no one is talking about the price per gallon? That’s close to $6.80 a gallon!!!

  11. I’ve been banned from 3 I never went on. That’s fine, I never knew they existed lol!

  12. This is from a radio broadcaster in Boca Raton Florida Richard Marx. He and his wife were out after his wife and told him there was supposed to be a comet passing over head. Much to their surprise they found this, and luckily Richard had his camera to film the event. I think it’s a missile myself, being in this area of Florida. But he said there were little sparkling lights that he couldn’t focus on; that were all over the Outside area of this launch. He said they were everywhere chasing it, and circling around it. So I just put it on here hopefully someone has an idea what’s going on and I’ll pass it on to Richard. Thanx!

  13. Its falcon 9! Jezus falcon 9 gets launched and ufos are suddenly everywhere.. its a rocket..launched..by.. humans. I which mods would remove every falcon 9 post. Lights around its is people with lazer pens

  14. That’s why I asked people that are more knowledgeable about this. I saw you about when I was 10 years old living on Long Island New York. But that’s the first time I’ve ever posted about something like this on Reddit. So I was just trying to get people’s opinions

  15. $29 tops. And only if you use it as a Linux machine. Now that’s a fun project!!

  16. Love it..he has nothing to lose. What else can they do to him😂

  17. This is a member of the DNC, who has an open forum to attack Trump attack Republicans and attack conservatives and independents.This is what she does. She’s worthless. When I called him a racist that makes me a racist? Crazy town

  18. Primo. Had a customer buy his son one of these at the age of 17, two weeks later it was wrapped around the tree. Such a waste of a beautiful car

  19. Metropolitan. Had the worst drum brakes in the world

  20. someone talk me off a ledge and please tell me this is play through-able

  21. He’s out for the season, been fitted with a cast

  22. He’s been fitted with a cast, and is out till next year. Grissom is taking over.

  23. Yeah, we’d have turned that away too. Sidewalls way to close.

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