1. Lately, I'm experiencing the exact same thing, and I guess it's called Misokinesia

  2. I can't help you without knowing the details first, I don't know what noise exactly is causing the problem, and I don't know what are your triggers because everyone is different, so I can't really suggest a specific solution

  3. You most likely have Misophonia, if that's the case, there is both good and bad news.

  4. Because they find what you say personally offensive, I wouldn't want my child to tell me that I'm eating wrong and I need to change myself either, especially when he's the only one complaining about it

  5. I had upper endoscopy a few weeks ago, A terrifying but fun experience

  6. OP, can you share which Antipsychotic drug they tried you on? I've had suffering with dysphagia too, so I understand :(

  7. He prescribed me Sulpiride (Dogmatil) 50g a day, for a month (I'm still on them)

  8. Thanks, that's a medication I hadn't heard of. Interesting.....(I'm in the US) Yep I've done the whole circuit these past 8 months with Pulmonologist, Asthma and Allergy, two different ENT doctors, 2 Gastroenterologists and a bunch of CT scans, endoscopy, Lung and Neck Xray, Barium Swallow Study and Esophagrams. I have LPR, nerve damage, Esophageal Hypersensitivity, MTD (Muscle Tension Dysphonia) and on PPI's for 3 months now, Protonix. Also on Amitriptyline for anxiety and depression, and it totally got rid of my globus sensation and most of my throat irritation and my throat clearing. I also had chronic neuropathic cough for 7 months after having Covid and Bronchitis. They prescribed Gabapentin for that and it's still helping me today. Took a while to kick in for my cough but now I am about 70% stable. Just a bunch of awful things that occurred this year. The scariest of which was losing 60 pounds in 2 months due to not being able to eat solid foods. Didn't know that was because my Larynx and Upper Esophagus was swollen from GERD. I had an Esophagus Dilation which helped me be able to swallow more. I have regular check-ups with my ENT and my larynx is looking much better and not so red and inflamed..the dysphagia was the worst! I can eat more solid type foods now, and I'm so grateful. I'm also on Pepcid at night. The goal is to of course not be on so many pills so I'm doing other things to help myself naturally. (Lifestyle changes, stress reduction, and strict diet) Good luck and hopefully you start to feel better soon..it's a long road for a lot of us but definitely curable, and with perseverance we can overcome this.

  9. I... can't believe this. I definitely had severe "pure" SPD as a child and now I have misophonia. I think I have "leftovers" from my childhood SPD. I experience something very similar to you right now. Either way, whatever it is now I have to get diagnosed either way, lol.

  10. Yeah same, I used to have severe SPD as a child, it got better in my teenage years, but now when I became an adult it's so much worse like something just snapped the SPD back into my mind, I don't know it's weird

  11. I would say not necessarily, Maybe one of the symptoms of Autism but not exclusive to it

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  14. Yes totally, I used to only get triggered by certain noises that my mother makes

  15. I genuinely thought I was pretty unique with having intense auto-tune triggers, turns out I’m not..

  16. I watched a documentary on people who have Body Integrity Identity disorder. Its very rare and People with the disorder feel like their mental body doesnt match their physical body and wish to remove a limb, become.blind or deaf or paralized.

  17. For me, this is a bit funny because It's a crazy idea but I can relate to an extent haha

  18. I had to stop 14 days prior to gastroscopy

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