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  1. Nahh re do this with the spider man outfit

  2. Now that you say that I can’t thing of it

  3. If I were u I would put pro series against pro series

  4. We’re closer to 2040 than 2000

  5. Some people don’t relize it until their friendship is over

  6. Don’t understand why they made the decision of blue instead of something that blend decently like black

  7. Well they might have wanted to have the beyblade pop out because a lot of beyblades are red

  8. Yea, but that blue was just weird in my opinion.

  9. Ooooo you mean on Cho z valtrek ok misunderstanding sorry

  10. Yes to the second answer but idk dimension confuses me

  11. Really surprised, they sent me the replacement pretty quickly and I got it today, no questions asked. Their customer support is excellent!

  12. That’s great did you get the red one or the black though

  13. Sent me the exact replacement, the translucent red/black version from the db set 😋

  14. That’s good hope you have fun have a good day 😃

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