1. Exact same team on Saturday then..?

  2. Not trying to “gotcha” here but if Lampard is a bottom 3 manager, do you think we are a bottom 3 squad?

  3. Yeah, the balance is terrible. If we recruit Gana, a decent striker, and replace Gordon would you rank us higher?

  4. If we get a proper DM, replace Richarlison (wide forward) and get another striker, I would yes.

  5. He could quite easily become 1st choice striker for a team that's beginning to look very decent indeed. I could see him becoming a fan favourite, cementing his place in the England side, and playing his club football in front of a partisan crowd in one of the best stadiums in Europe. What's not to love about it?

  6. Have you ever been to Villa Park? Not a patch on Goodison, let alone our forthcoming new home at BMD!

  7. Would love Watkins but there's no chance we get him and Football Insider have already been slapped down once this season by Villa's comms team for making stuff up about Watkins and Gerrard.

  8. crazy how Forest is making their 16th (!) signing with Gibbs-White. meanwhile we are trying to sign this guy who had 3 goals and 0 fucking assists last season

  9. They’ve got no problems with their finances and had a paper thin squad because of loans last season.

  10. We should've signed Brereton Diaz or Gyökeres weeks ago. Good Forwards who can push Dom and be functional with being the starter when needed.

  11. We should 100% get Brereton Diaz. Cheap and can play off the left and up front as a back up for DCL.

  12. If we get this going it'll sound incredible. Undoubtedly we'll stick to just repeating names instead tho

  13. Nah, the whole uniform stuff was a bad idea. Im not following the ufc that closely anymore, but the whole "we are a regular Sport, just like soccer" speel didn't fly. Embrace the weirdness! I want Tito Ortiz flame shorts and Chuck lidell ice shorts, Ben rothwell coming out with a fucking Cape and in general walkouts like they used to have on Japan. Its a Show. Don't make it less entertaing!

  14. It’s an individual sport and they removed all individuality to put them in ‘fight kits’.

  15. Would statues of Coleman/Baines and Ferguson be diluting the quality needed to be held up to that level, or do you guys think they deserve them? Especially if some room is created with a memorial site at Goodison and space in front of Bramley Moore.

  16. Of all the people they are rushing to replace, DDG isn't the top priority. This is an over reaction to one game>

  17. https://reddit.com/r/Everton/comments/wqrm8s/gueyes_arrival_alli_exit_and_striker_hunt_to/

  18. I've never heard him on that podcast - does he use a voice changer or is he quite open about who he is?

  19. He was very against Moshiri and the board last season so I’d be genuinely surprised at that.

  20. Is this in relation to something specific which has happened recently?

  21. Think it’s in relation to someone getting sexually assaulted at the game last week.

  22. I'm hoping someone can tell me about him, because he sounds ideal. Apparently plays out wide as well as up top which would be nice, rather someone versatile than a che adams

  23. You’re right. He doesn’t fit in at all.. so why did we buy him? I thought he was a decent punt as he’s world class if he sorts his head out. Did Frank think he could fix him and Thelwell now has us set on a back 5 and Dele hasn’t shown any improvement so we’re ditching him?

  24. Think it’s fairly obvious at this point Lampard didn’t want Dele and it was another Moshiri buy.

  25. There's no way to know that at all. Lampard looked very enthused to see Dele after he signed him. I think Frank wanted him but now sees he's not the player he thought he was.

  26. He’s hardly going to be fucking devastated on camera in his first day is he?

  27. Who does he belong to?is it Spurs or Everton?

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