1. So I guess I should have said that biological sex is a spectrum.

  2. Exactly how common is microchimerism? What physical changes does it produce? Exactly how many sexes are there?

  3. It doesnt matter how common it is, it exists. And it just doesn’t end there. The point is the biological sex is a spectrum. So there is no “exact” number really.

  4. No, I, like many people, see the harm they cause in society. We banned leaded gas because it is harmful to our health. handguns are harmful too.

  5. Specifically what harms does legal guan ownership cause in canada?

  6. Don't know about you but I've never heard in seriousness a return to segregation via "black only spaces" at least from our side of the aisle, unless your making shit up...

  7. https://www.forbes.com/sites/civicnation/2021/08/11/black-and-brown-students-are-in-need-of-safe-spaces-on-campus/?sh=503a6f960005

  8. Proposition 16 was to remove a redundancy however, proposition 209 was already covered by US Federal law and California adding that, or removing it, made no difference whatsoever.

  9. Never said it was. It is a progressive cause though and white supremacists are a pretty big fan.

  10. People who want those making over $400k a year to finally pay their fucking fair share.

  11. Yeah... if you think these extra armed agents are going to be getting money from billionaires instead of you, well I've got a bridge to sell you.

  12. 6 beers and 2 grams of weed. I'm rocking like 6 hours of sleep over the last 70 hours though. Life is the real drug.

  13. I couldn't help but notice you switched up the dnc/gop for left/right. It should also be noted that white supremacism is not a requirement of fascism through your own source. You missed centralized autocracy. And then literally just checked off everything negative for the guys you don't like without ever explaining you're reasoning.

  14. You're mixing up your terms again in an attempt to obfuscate the fact that you're simply trolling.

  15. What is the point of a loan if it's free? It's not a charity. If you take the responsibility of getting a loan you can't repay, then that's your problem. Be more responsible.

  16. How is giving a loan to someone in the range of 10-40k. When they have no credit history and likely no job or a shitty one a responsible decision?

  17. If I had to guess it’s probably the word “entrapped”. These guys reconned the Governors cabin, threatened people with firearms etc. the FBI were definitely involved but it’s not like these guys weren’t already dangerous

  18. I mean, they probably wouldn't have reconned anything without the fbis involvement. It's been a little while but weren't like 10 of them fbi informants?

  19. Remember that time the fbi entrapped the Whitmer "kidnappers"?

  20. Yep, at least in the US (although as with everything it would vary by jurisdiction). The MAGA Viking was able to sue to get a judge to make the jail give him “organic food”.

  21. They also have to offer kosher and halal options

  22. I’ve heard that too. I’ve also heard that a lot of people convert to Islam in prison to get better food, although I don’t know if this is true at all.

  23. It's true to a point. Muslim gangs in prison are also nothing to laugh at.

  24. What's the source? The only thing this provides is a mob beating someone up.

  25. Red pants, red shoes, red hats. Now it's not exactly foolproof. However in my neighborhood if I see a native kid in red shoes, imma just assume they're part of redd alert.

  26. Or the city's sports teams colors are red?

  27. Maybe. However one of the rules of blood set, is anyone is allowed to make a blood set.

  28. Theres also a carrier pigeon who was shot down a few times but continued their mission earning themselves several medals.

  29. Fun fact: ants that farm aphids like to drink the sap the aphids produce straight from their butts. They also stroke them to help them release the fluid

  30. I don’t believe so. I’ve seen no evidence suggesting he is.

  31. Well ill respectfully disagree with that one. I smoked crack for a good while and what I see of him currently makes me think he's never gonna quit.

  32. Ok. So why wasn't hunter arrested in the past while the world still knew he was a crackhead?

  33. I've got the toilet paper. Since covid I've discovered it's the #1 survival resource.

  34. This implies that people actually care and support SA victims and that the perpetrator really faces any consequences. If you’re this scared of being falsely accused you might need to re examine your attitude to women and how you behave around them. The key question to ask yourself; would you be ok if a man came up to you and did what youre gonna do.

  35. They do though. Want to see what a lack of care and support looks like talk to a man who's suffered from sexual abuse.

  36. You're not right, though. You're simply servile. The cops were power tripping dicks and people like you admire daddy figures like that. Hopefully, but doubtfully, you'll come around to see the difference between serving a community and bullying its populace.

  37. Pretty much what cons are mentally capable of past their initial emotional response. Good job.

  38. Some of them do. Until they realise I'm better at screaming than they are. I let them know they should talk to me like a human being first though.

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