1. Hey you gotta listen to Cat Stevens album Tea for the Tillerman; it's classic rock but not necessarily hard rock. Also Neil Young like his solo stuff in 1970; Live at Massey Hall, etc. Super great. Queen, Led Zep, solo John Lennon, Bowie esp. Low, the Who, Springsteen's The Wild, The Innocent, & The E Street Shuffle, The Kinks Lola vs. Powerman. . .

  2. Their live albums were mixed by Jimmy Page, the guitarist, and made them sound like actual rock gods. They were after all

  3. OMG Iron Man yessss!!!! Wow. Perfect example. So compelling and truly kinda scary and very philosophical. The voicing of Iron Man in that dusky robotic voice: "I AM iRON Man!" just wow. xoxo

  4. I love this post. "Wooden Ships" is so haunting; I totally get what you mean re: onomatopoeia and the song... what a beautiful insight. I swear the song for me, it really evokes the entire feel of the sea, getting away, and in my mind when listening to it idk, the dark wood, gliding through the waves. What a beautiful thought!

  5. In their primes, that’s difficult as Page and Plant were pretty good in Led Zeppelin and their subsequent collaborations. Mick Jagger and Keith Richards have been playing “Satisfaction” live since 1965, etc.. though, plus other songs.


  7. Against Empire by Michael Parenti and Washington Bullets by Vijay Prashad are both top tier. You can find pdfs for free online for both.

  8. Yes! And Parenti's lectures (many available on YouTube as well) are just jaw-dropping in scope and information as well.

  9. It might sound odd, because he did quite a right turn eventually supporting U.S. imperialist war, but Christopher Hitchens' earlier work, The Trial of Henry Kissinger, is a pretty good account of many US war crimes.

  10. LOL, Israel is behaving like Nazis and overtly voices the plan is to exterminate Palestinians; this is heard from their Prime Ministers, from their college professors, and etc. To exclaim "Nazi" at someone who is in support of Palestinians against the genocide inflicted on them by Israel is ridiculous.

  11. They just had another terrorist attack—8 people including a pregnant woman—shot by a filthy terrorist in this very city. Including 4 Americans, who are now fighting for their lives because you’re BIG MAD your hero Hitler failed and are trying to finish the job. Just admit you hate Jews, it would be a lot easier than hiding behind some facade about CaRiNg AbOuT PaLeStInIaNs when they routinely throw gays off rooftops and keep their own people in abject poverty when they’re not using them as human shields.

  12. could it be "Winter of the Witch?" that was an old film starring Hermione Gingold as the witch, they always showed it in school in the 1970's; when I student taught in the 1990's, another teacher showed it to her class as well!

  13. I don't think it's about individual workers gaining wealth; it's about the working class having ownership and control of the means of production; in all areas of life, the ability to produce and reproduce life for themselves. Maybe what you are suggesting here sounds more like a cooperative, idk? But in a socialist workers' state, the ultimate goal is communism; no one would have to be concerned for "saving enough money," or etc. because life is going to be so different when this is accomplished. There won't be "wealthy" and "poor."

  14. It was either November 3rd 1981 at Louisville's Freedom Hall, or December 11th 1981 at Lexington's Rupp Arena, I don't remember which.

  15. Queen- News of The World Definitely my favorite!!

  16. I was a kid when my older brother brought this album home one night. . . . blew our minds, forever!

  17. Wow that photo brings lots of childhood music memories for me. <3

  18. This makes me so happy!!! It's always great fun to listen to Pete's demos; they're on YouTube, of this and other songs b/c it will blow your mind. Also, not similar, however, when you want to, Live at Leeds kicks ass so much it's ridiculous. xoxo

  19. Now watch Won't Get Fooled Again @ Shepperton

  20. the statement of the Black Alliance for Peace

  21. YES! Thank you for posting that. Many solidarity statements have been made by other organizations as well. Including Union del Barrio.

  22. They are not even close to the most famous classic rock band. Rolling Stones and Beatles are way more famous. And yeah Bonham is great but that doesn’t make up for horrible mixing, production and sloppy guitar playing

  23. Also, LOL @ calling Led Zep "overrated" and then saying you like the Beatles/ Stones b/c they are "more famous." What?

  24. Do you listen to much Led Zep? Because seriously, I love the Beatles and the Stones since I was like ten year old, but Led Zep's musicianship and creativity, even with songs they lifted from blues artists, is just in a class of its own. Sloppy guitar? I don't even know what to say. If you're comparing, seriously, the audio mixing to that of the Beatles or Stones and saying Led Zep is worse, I think you just hate Led Zep to be honest.

  25. That is because by "correction" people usually mean snapping the pitches to equal temperament, which is 100% unnatural for singers (or any instrument that can produce a continuous pitch scale) playing in harmony.

  26. That's so interesting to me. I recently saw a video from Fil Henley (on his "Wings of Pegasus" YouTube channel) where he delves into this. It's helpful in understanding this sort of change in Pop music. The real summary of it starts at 18:22 in the vid, but the whole thing is eye opening to view/ listen to.

  27. I took a look at your profile. You argue with others every day over minutiae. Not discuss; argue. Sad case. I'm not going to participate in conversation with someone who clearly is enjoying just putting others down. Bye.

  28. This is just in regard to the Beatle's album Help, you might like Emitt Rhodes.

  29. I LOVE seeing fans' favorites; it's enjoyable to see what others likes, and how they ranked the albums, b/c I'm pretty solid I & II but this really inspires a deeper dive!

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