1. I have this too. Not shot yet. Can I ask what nipple wrench do you use for it, brand, etc? Also what percussion caps do you use? Thanks.

  2. I use a ratcheting nipple wrench by Ted Cash, it has interchangeable sockets for pistol, 209 and musket. For caps I prefer Remington #11, but I've run #10s, and either size by RWS as well. But for the last year or so I've been making my own with the Tap-A-Cap punch and Prime-All.

  3. That is a beautiful setup. Sometimes you have to trade a little practicality for aesthetics. Totally worth it in my opinion.

  4. As far as practicality, I only carry actually carry this stuff while reenacting, so then it's perfect. lol

  5. That is a non-firing replica of a Colt Model 1849 "Wells Fargo". The pot-metal frame, cuts on the cylinder and incorrect placement of the screws on the lower frame, as well as the non-functional wedge "screw" on the barrel are dead giveaways.

  6. I have always vastly preferred Swiss over Goex for live-fire since it burns cleaner and provides more consistent velocity. I have used Schuetzen for blanks for a number of years purely because it was cheaper than Goex, though it's anyone's bet how long that price disparity remains true. Swiss and Schuetzen both have 2fg varieties. The various sizes of Schuetzen Wano are the cheapest blank-grade powder out there right now regardless of supplier, as far as I can tell.

  7. Thanks for the advice! I’ll check out Swiss powder and the websites you passed on! Yeah I’m worried it will be hard to find some with all of the backups.

  8. My Colt 1917 is easily my favorite non-BP revolver. I grew up a 1911 guy, so I had to have a wheelgun that ate .45acp, and it was worth the long hunt to find a good 1917. If we're talking black powder, Lemat, because who doesn't love a tax-stamp-free, legal SBS with a revolver wrapped around it?

  9. My Hesse-Kassel Jaegerstutze rifle dates to the mid-1770s, but it was re-stocked by the previous owner so it's technically not fully that old anymore. Oldest complete firearm I've live-fired is a Potsdam 1809 made in 1812. .685" ball in paper cartridge over 90gr 1fg black, and it's a hell of a lot of fun!

  10. My wife wants one of the top-break versions, but I've never found one in a store to handle. How do you like yours with the swing-out cylinder?

  11. Is that the charcoal blue one? It’s beautiful. I have a few uberti guns. Top notch

  12. It is indeed! The finish on it is really quite good, thank you!

  13. Don't lie to me G_B, you live this life every day

  14. 1862 Pocket Police is an Uberti Reproduction, pictured with an EBG Colt Labs .36cal conical bullet (available on my site).

  15. These days it's easier to find a new set of nipples that will allow you to run #10s than it will be to try and hunt down caps that will fit. Also, no hazmat fee on parts, so you can shoot the caps you have, and swap out if you find others.

  16. 1862 Pocket Police is an Uberti Reproduction, pictured with an EBG Colt Labs .36cal conical bullet (available on my site).

  17. Do you have a Springfield 1795? I really want one and I Believe I see a 69cal ball

  18. You do see the ball, but my closest Springfield is an 1816 (percussion conversion). I only have one flintlock so far, believe it or not.

  19. Back row L-R Whitworth (in development), 8x51/8x56, .45/70 Gov’t., .41 Swiss

  20. Hannukuh was pretty early this year, so I’m splitting the difference. Lol

  21. Awesome picture! Love your conicals by the way. I'm not quite able to start casting myself yet so I'm glad you're around when I get the itch to shoot something other than roundballs.

  22. Correct! I have edited my description to more accurately describe the pistol in question. Why Cimarron/Rock Island neglected to add the cutout on their frame and then sell the pistol as an "a1" variant is beyond me. But, for the price-point perhaps I shouldn't complain.

  23. Don't sweat! I appreciate you working on it, and interacting with your customers to keep them informed. It's a nice change from the corporate response card or cold shoulder we're all used to. I have no doubt you'll have it fixed in no time.

  24. Not sure if it's just me, but I still cannot access it. Says something about a domain error when I try.

  25. It was a gift from a guy I used to soldier with, I’m not sure where he got it. I was too flattered receiving it to ask him at the time.

  26. Admit it, the bayonet is for using on the target when the rounds refuse to group.

  27. Are there other reasons to bring a sword bayonet to the range? lolol

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