1. If the dogs are cool with it it presents no trouble. Likely a house spirit. Set out a small offering: a little glass of drink, a bit of bread with butter & honey

  2. Yeah it means it is either not there or it's cool

  3. Part of it yes, part of it no. The new pillow will be new, it's sensation will be new. Ask your spirits to see if it would work

  4. Can you understand people punching each other in a fight?

  5. "To bind" conjugates like "to find" so it's "bound together for life"

  6. Well what does that mean because "witchcraft" is just "the craft of the witch"

  7. I was thinking something a little more pithy. Witch suits me, and I like it. I just find it difficult to tell people that in a way where they won't either scoff that 'magic isn't real', think I sacrifice fluffy animals, or think I'm 'evil'. It just gets old, you know?

  8. I mean technically & historically witch is a term of evil (or at least dangerously antisocial) magic practitioners

  9. So i have never heard of these before & looking at them: they are literally just incense, though doesn't look like they are direct-burning & might just be like bakhoor or nerikou incense given a kinda unpleasant name (no, seriously aside for the grossness of appropriating indigenous practices, calling something that smokes a bomb feels in bad taste)

  10. yeah i got them as a gift in this like kit but it doesnt sound like theyre good to use for a variety of reasons

  11. It's just a name, call them incense & try them out to suffumigate

  12. Some of it yes, some of it no Depends on the work & results of divinations

  13. I believe in lots of pantheons but not all faiths or paganisms are, from my perspective, valid.

  14. Quite a few things; not least being their structure & philosophy.

  15. Well what is a significant time for you, spiritually speaking? Birthday? Apostasy? Conversion? Or like which Baphomet are you venerating because if going for the Templar one maybe Eid al'Fitr⸮

  16. This is for Christmas (but birthday is soon, which for most Satanists is considered to be important, as to love/worship yourself) and I do worship the Templar Baphomet and even though Eid al’Fitr is a Muslim holiday and not a Satanic or Luciferian holiday, I’ll definitely consider it

  17. I said it joking hence the "⸮" irony mark, given that the charges on the Templars were essentialy over "heresy" which is to say "islamicized" (which in might be as banal as regular bathing) which sorta explains that Baphomet is a corruption of Muhammed

  18. Northern hemisphere & tropics but I celebrate the coming of the rains

  19. There's quite a few, a lot of them associated with sailors. A bit of dirt from home, lock of hair or drop of blood from a loved one, half of a lodestone (the other half kept where he is to return, possibly with a lock of his hair or a drop of his blood)

  20. A) Yes it is ok to gift them B) nothing that MUST though anything with blood can get cleaned or binned

  21. altar cloths, leather pouches for her cards, a wooden mortar & pestle, a rune kit & a leather dice cup for them

  22. It is cold, & wet, gets everywhere, & allows black ice to form

  23. He's an excellent linguist, & his study folklore & history is deffos more rigorous than Leland or Graves or Gardner...

  24. Not different meanings, it is more subtle than that. Different nuances

  25. How long you leave em for? How is the airflow in the room? Does it get sunlight? Have you performed a DEEP clean of the space?

  26. Three days is quite a lot; given that it mouldered so hard it is worth doing a deep clean of the space.

  27. I myself would avoid disseminating & fomenting fear & misunderstanding about ADRs

  28. So I would suggest maybe mirroring or expanding or tiling your cardback design, maybe with a border resembling the cards' border

  29. Well why not all of them? Let all gods sit at the table, let all who come be under guestright, let all be feasted and fed

  30. It ain't They can be diff names for same goddess

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