1. Start going to the gym working out. Put a little more weight on and your solid bro!

  2. Eat! The key to gaining is eat alot! Don’t skip meals ever. Pick up a mass gainer from walmart added 3 shakes a day plus a high carb and protein diet. You probably have a fast metabolism like I did so you’ll need to off set it by eating like a pig. Literally. 3 big meals a day with rice veggies chicken, one mass gainer with each meal and work out 6 days a week for a year. Heck in 6mos you’ll see a drastic difference if you stick to a basic program like this. Eat a lot of bread, nuts dried fruit. You’ll feel full all the time, keep eating. Far as gym goes start lifting heavy shit even for small reps. I’d say stay in a medium rep range and gradually go up 5lbs. I was 170lbs 4yrs ago. Most I’ve weight in these four years is 230lbs. Today I wake up 220lbs muscle. My metabolism is fast. Just have to trick it. It’s in you, just gotta bring the sleeping lion out!

  3. If i am not wrong it’s a RAF SIMION’S in inspired design . 2005 archive

  4. Damn, Reddit is awesome! Right on! Unfortunately that is a bit out of my price range. But still cool to know nonetheless

  5. Yeah I figured it was drop ship! I just went ahead to ali express and looked for some things there instead and found something nicer! Thanks

  6. Thankyou for the reply! My skin gets the exact same way !!! Insane did it take away the redness!??

  7. So I have a birthmark on my forehead so that’s why it’s always red. But the creases between my nose and cheeks was REALLY red and under my lips. It seemed to subside, so I would say yes. Only when I rub the cream on my face I notice the redness but afterwards it settles

  8. What have you tried before??? And how long have you have sebderm for friend?

  9. Before I tried Desonide cream, just head and shoulders clinical strength, zinc soap on the face and Keto every now and then. But I’ve started to become more disciplined with my skincare routine and hygiene. And I’m 26 and I’ve noticed I’ve had sebderm for maybe the past 4-5 years

  10. You’re probably just withdrawing form your topical steroids. Looks like TSW to me. Use apple cider vinegar diluted and sprayed

  11. Saw my derm who said it just appears to be a seb derm flare up, thanks though!

  12. Basically any product for your face/hair will cause a flare up for me. Big ones for me are pomade, moustache wax, beard oil, hair oil (argan, coconut, etc), most moisturizers, makeup.

  13. what MCT oil treatment do you use? And how do you apply it?

  14. I do steam3d veggies, pasta salads, fish, brown rice, chicken breast, protein enriched pancakes. Protein shakes with casein protein help a lot.

  15. It's not how many as much as what goes in them. Don't skip breakfast. For me it gives me an appetite for the rest of the day. Don't drink coffee. Drink a couple protein shakes in between meals. Get a food scale so you know much closer what your intake is.

  16. Do you have any recommendations on the meals you eat? I think my problem is consistency. Some days I’ll eat breakfast and like 3-4 high calorie protein meals and some days I’ll eat just like one meal

  17. Sameee Jhin was better last season somehow.. I still wait for the new patch and we will see

  18. Completely disagree, I think Jhin is probably one of the strongest ADC's right now. Since the meta doesn't favor ADC carrying, Jhin is a very utility based ADC that's able to assist his team from a far range and also dish out a lot of damage in the mid game.

  19. I agree with you, Jhin is strong because he has a lot of utility and can snipe from long range making him super safe in team fights. His early laning is also pretty good so you can usually set the enemy Adc back as well.

  20. Yep and he’s relatively safe with his fast movement speed as well, and traps you can set around sometimes to kinda stop ganks in their tracks

  21. Yeah I feel you, it's kinda tough to find good foundations or other makeup things when you're not pale white lmao

  22. Hahaha you’re so right, I’m just glad I have an ok facial structure and jawline

  23. I like the length in the second pic. Long but not too long.

  24. Thank you!! I think it just kinda fits me the best and I can style it in different ways

  25. You could try to get a fade on the sides and texture to the top

  26. That’s what I was thinking, like fades on the sides and maybe keeping the top long

  27. Kingdom Hearts have a lot of interesting characters to cosplay. You choose wisly :) I just need to ask. How you made this Helmet? Shape of this front glass is just perfect. What and how is this ? Perfect shape! :)

  28. The helmet is specifically 3D printed with fiberglass on the front. There is someone on Etsy who provided their 3D printed template

  29. Finasteride , minoxidil and dermarolling would do you good

  30. I’ve seen like some tiny hair growth with just Nutrafol and Minoxidil. You thinking switching to Fin would provide better results?

  31. Dht blocker can cause worsened hair loss. For you, I think 5% would work just fine. Experiment with usage. If 2 a day is too much for your scalp, 1 a day should work

  32. I see!! Any recommendations on a brand or something I can look for?

  33. yep, derma roll ur hairline and scalp if need be and then apply topical minoxidil, should start growing little hairs that might turn terminal.

  34. Thanks brother, appreciate it. Let’s see what I can do in 6 months!

  35. good luck wish you the best! also get 1.5mm derma roller and only once a week.

  36. Congratulations, almost exact similar story. We persevered! It can be done!

  37. Should I apply this upcoming cycle? I’m really considering it but just need some feedback

  38. The advice I was always given was, if you meet the minimum requirements it is worth to apply. I got 2 interviews this cycle with one acceptance.

  39. Listen to this!! Do not waste your time taking classes if you cannot get A’s. You are already on the lower side and you cannot afford B’s because it will hardly budge your GPA. Take classes and a course load you know you will get an A in and identify and fix whatever issue you had that led you to get those poor grades. Because in PA school, although just the early beginning you need to figure out your study habits and new study methods, they won’t pause for you to figure it out later.

  40. Do you recommend to retake classes with C's and B-'s? My advisor told me and all their students who want to pursue a health professional career to achieve at least a B.

  41. Personally I didn’t have any B-‘s, but any pre reqs I had a C in retook

  42. Fair, you are right about that. But in regards to average accepted GPA, I’m definitely below the standard. I will say though what did contribute to my success was also showing my upward trend. I would be lying if I said that academics had nothing to do with being accepted. But, I just think being really well-rounded and having other aspects of your application that shine and can outweigh your GPA is really important.

  43. Absolutely agree with you 100% on that. There is so many other factors that go into choosing an applicant than just GPA. I had a lot of PCE and the way I highlighted them in my application was important alongside having a good personal statement. I mean there’s so many variables that are important and like you said, being well-rounded is very important. Thanks for mentioning that though, I hope people will realize that GPA is important, but it’s not everything.

  44. What do you look for in low GPA applicants? Upward trend? Experience?

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