1. Nice, now please go find that chicken thing from the coin on the Bill.

  2. Ooohh I wonder if it's michelinoceras. Thank you again for your input :)

  3. Ive always wondered what species they are exactly. There are millions of them on the market all labeled as "Orthoceras" which we all know is not true, but I can't find any information on what they really are called. So strange...

  4. As stated earlier combined arms of the Italian Military. Army, Navy and Air Force.

  5. I think that this is a coat of arms representing the Italian armed forces, those are the symbols, and also the colours. The Carabinieri are missing, so this coat of arms was probably made before 2000, before the Carabinieri were elevated to an armed force.

  6. It's definitely shells. Could be bivalve or brachiopoda. There's really no way to tell from a cross section. Well there probably is for an expert who's holding the piece but not for me off of a photo.

  7. Don't admire your latest fossil while driving. Else the surgeon will have a hard time explaining why there is a couple million year old shark tooth embedded in your skull.

  8. Could be a coral but my guess would be bryozoa. Hard to tell for me.

  9. Bekommt man als Tourismusbetrieb vom Land Salzburg, wenn man seinen Mitarbeitern 25 Jahre nur das absolute KV-Minimum bezahlt.

  10. Macht Sinn, das muss schon belohnt werden. Frag mich nur, wie die so viele davon herstellen können.

  11. These are just rocks with calcite or quartz veins running through them unfortunately.

  12. That’s pretty awesome. Do you know how that forms? Sorry if that’s a silly question.

  13. Basically the rock cracks and Highley mineralised water runs through those cracks. After a long while those minerals in the water precipitate and close the cracks again.

  14. I have a hammer and a chisel, that’s it. So how would you start looking for fossils if you were there? I’m new so all tips are welcome haha

  15. It's really just a matter of carefully looking around. Of course if it's a popular spot anything that's easy to spot will already be gone except some not so nice pieces that people dont like. If there are fossils there you should be able to see SOME traces of them. If you see any parts in the rocky walls that look loose or easy to remove do that. A chisel can be a good tool to pry some rocks loose. If you have access to some longer metal rod that would be even better. Also if there are rocks laying about that are big enough that they could hold something inside but small enough to break open with the hammer give them a whack. Also be careful in old quarrys. Check if there are parts in the walls above you that look like they could easily collaps. Avoid these spots.

  16. Im Not familiar with the location but looking at the pictures I'd say yes, all layers look the same to me. Of course it could be that the fossils are online found in ln special different layer which is not identifiable in the pictures. But that would be quite extraordinary.

  17. Sorry can't help with ID but those are very cool finds.

  18. 35$ seems fair. Maybe a little on the high side but you weren't screwed over or anything.

  19. Hard to tell from these pictures but could be something like these screw-shaped bryozoan fossils called

  20. Thats some form of Goniatite, an early form of ammonites.

  21. 3 sucked because they messed up the transition to 3D. I didn't even realise there was a 4th one.

  22. On landlines the number before the slash is the area Code.

  23. That's good to know and all, unfortunately I have no hands free to use it since I'm usually eating cereal while driving.

  24. I AM the golden god and I reign supreme!!!

  25. Germany has a LOT of fossils. Of course I don't know where exactly you live and it could be that there aren't any in your vicinity.

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