1. It’s an AI edit I can’t believe ppl still fall for these

  2. I think Igor's theme is one of my most streamed songs of all time, so I'd say that does it for me

  3. for me its Earfquake, only bc it got a little overplayed (it's still great tho) goes to show just how stellar this album is

  4. Dude this looks like ur in for an awesome day 😎👍👍👍👍👍👍

  5. Is that an alternate version of the cover? The wood looks different to the one I own

  6. always funny seeing people on here insisting that animals is underrated when pigs is as popular as it is, nobody cares that you like the less popular albums, just like what you like we all love the same band

  7. True but hate it when people within a fanbase argue over their favourite albums like we all like the same artist I’m on your side

  8. Okay poll over we know what happens from here

  9. Surprised there’s no Queen on the list tbh

  10. Grinch i mean there's not even a discussion

  11. yeah Grinch EP is stupidly underrated a hidden gem, unappreciated masterpiece finally getting the recognition it deserves I hope it wins :)

  12. The opening of the track is absolutely gorgeous idk why but I love it so much it reminds me of a Godspeed You! Song

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