1. Hellsing abridged is a masterpiece.

  2. I personally prefer the red helmets, not that I dislike the white ones, I just grew up with the red helmets

  3. Jesus, that 9-7 season in 2004 would have been 10-6 and playoffs if we just could have beaten the Steelers 3rd string defense. That’s the season I can’t erase from my memory.

  4. I was at that game, watch some lady smoke a Steelers fan in the back of their head with her drink

  5. I remember one of those 6-10 years, maybe 2012, we started 5-2 and then proceeded to lose 8 straight. That was fun.

  6. The 5-0 season forever tempered my expectations of this team

  7. I wonder if he’ll expose any dirt on trump when he starts campaigning

  8. Lol, I think that was the first game I ever went to

  9. Darn kids with their tik-toks and youtubes, back in my day you would just ghost McDonald’s when you quit….like an adult

  10. Instead of filming him, maybe they could of helped.

  11. I may not be the brightest bulb in the crayon box, but isn’t nationalism different from patriotism?

  12. “Science is strong but not as strong as family”

  13. Needs shirt tucked into 5.11 pants with “tactical” belt

  14. Go talk to people in Ukraine, it’s 2022 you don’t need the government or news to get information about other countries

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