1. This is a safe space to vent and just know that I totally relate to every single words you’ve said. This never ending roller coaster our own brain puts us through is hard on the people we love but don’t forget it’s also hard on ourselves. You have every right to feel. Opening up about our biggest and darkest emotions and struggles is hard but it’s one step in the right direction. Let things cool down a little bit, give your head some time to center your thoughts and tell him you didn’t mean to hurt him. I’m sure he will understand you had no bad intentions. Your actions remind me of self sabotaging which is a defensive mechanism to the fear of abandonment. Opening up to someone makes us vulnerable which isn’t easy. But seeing how reassuring he tried to be, it seems like he really does care. He’ll be there to hear more when you’re ready to talk again, just give it some time. Time is the best healer x

  2. Thank you so much! I did give him some time and we talked. It really helped. Sometimes it's hard to forget that when the emotions are so big...

  3. I could easily pass this post off as mine to my husband and he would believe me immediately, because you described exactly how my struggles play out between he and I, and my husband responds exactly as you describe your man. Idk about you, but when I feel super low, I lose my ability to articulate my needs and when my husband can't read my mind, I start to split on him. It makes me feel like he doesn't care at all or he would KNOW what I need. But, I know that's not fair and realistic. Having BPD is such a fucking paradox - to be so cognizant of our behaviors and sometimes so powerless to stop them. I know it hurts. I know how painful this is. I'm working my way through the same thing, so idk if I have any advice but you definitely aren't alone.

  4. It's pretty weird to use a time of war to attempt to debunk a virus that has killed millions...

  5. I'm sorry this isn't a compliment but I feel like this is a weird post for a minor friendly group to allow. Not blaming the minor.

  6. Every coping mechanisms turns to ultra high, out of control, typically during specific seasons. Sadness is exhibited in many ways, but coping mechanisms mentioned here are clear signs of traumatic experience and strong association of those experiences with seasonal changes.

  7. Damn. I feel like I just walked out of a really confirming therapy session with what you said.

  8. Now just one question , are u me ?? Cuz literally going thru the same exact thing .

  9. As a woman, I was under the impression that it would hurt… a lot. And also bleed. This is true for my first experience but after many other experiences, I’ve learned that is only the case when you are not aroused enough to receive penetration.

  10. I’ve started coming to the same conclusion. I can never understand what they gain by liking the picture and why it’s so hard to respect our boundaries.

  11. My light sensitivity is so bad, I feel like a vampire sometimes. I always wear a SnapBack hat to shield my eyes from the lights. Dim lighting is the only way I can relax. Living in a desert during the summer is hell…

  12. Driving is really hard for me. I get insane anxiety at just the thought of approaching an intersection I’m not familiar with. Also last minute social plans/change of plans is one of the fasted ways to make me way too mad. Like I want to go, but why didn’t you give me 3-5 days to emotionally prepare?? Alcohol is a huge struggle because I’ll take it way too far everytime. And somedays, my paranoia is wayy too bad to even leave my house. I feel like something dangerous is waiting for me. I haven’t figured it out.

  13. I’ve always thought it was insanely creepy how most sex-centered American tv focuses on teenagers. I’ve never watched a full episode of big mouth and never will.

  14. The only understandable scenario would be if the man was drugged, tied up, and forced against his will...

  15. What if it's a saw movie like situation where if you don't fuck this person you die. There would be 2 choices

  16. That’s literally still rape. They don’t actually want to do it.

  17. I have this struggle as well. All my bf’s friends are virgin gamers and they like an insane amount of nsfw content on twitter, to the point that I see most of it because I follow them as well.

  18. Exactly! Like I want to appreciate how cool my shirt is too! Not just everybody who stands behind me

  19. I’m glad somebody does! I love hearing people uplift women for what makes them happy.

  20. I see what you mean, and I feel it’s relevant to say that I’m not a man haha. But I don’t « do » make up, nail polish or any of that and my nails are always cut short. Which is why the whole nail art world is so alien to me. And after talking about that subject randomly with both lgbt and « straight » friends groups I realized most people weren’t into long nails at all… weirdly lol ? I don’t know it seems really odd to me bc come on, long nails look badass and they can really add something to a look. It’s like an accessory almost, like sunglasses or a necklace

  21. I’m so sorry if it seemed like I assumed your gender, I was mostly referring to the tons of “unpopular opinions” from guy’s saying that they dislike long nails.

  22. I work at a convenience/drug store and if certain managers catch me not greeting the people who walk in, I’ll get a sit down conversation with the boss then possibly a write up if it happens enough. I’m not sure why it’s mandatory either because most people don’t even respond when I ask how they’re doing. It’s annoying on both ends, just don’t blame the employees.

  23. Honestly, weed does help me immensely. I guess you could say that I rely on it in a way to stabilize my mood. I can function without it but I’d prefer not to. It’s the same as people relying on caffeine I guess.

  24. I think it’s kind of admirable that they’ve broken through the barrier of caring what people think. I guess I’m an early gen z (99) but even I struggle to be on the level as some of these young teenagers. It’s impressive to watch a group of people make life what they want it with giving any fucks to the opinions of others. Even if it is cringe. Isn’t that what we’re just taught to see it as? Instead of freedom.

  25. No , but it is racist and culture appropriation, if you as non Japanese try to get a manga censored or cancelled.

  26. It wouldn't be considered a manga since its not Japanese, but unless you decide to make some offensive Japanese caricatures then I dont see why it would offend

  27. I will do everything in my power for it to be non offensive. Do you think including Japanese culture would be offensive? (Ex. Highschool setting)

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