1. Con: sweaty men lays on me Pro: sweaty men lays on me 🤣

  2. All your posts are about complaining. Maybe the problem is with you, not with games?

  3. What is the worst advice that looks like reasonable for beginners? Also what YouTube gurus should I avoid?

  4. Shouldn't takedowns be like next level for beginners after learning basic guards and movement? Asking because after 3rd training my shoulder hurts while not moving 🙃

  5. Lest appreciate Ryuden. He started this year in Makushita and now he share the second best record in Makuuchi. What a performance

  6. I liked Michael only after Michael Scott Paper Company. And for me seasons 8-9 are better than 1-7. (Not only because of Michael). And Darryl is overrated.

  7. Sabonis was picked by the team that has good medical staff and comes to nba in 1986

  8. True. I can understand when all black use it, but cmon, you are playingagainst Rose and Harden? You'll probably get destroyed

  9. Few big priests. I didn't made legend because it is dead matchup

  10. 2 of my losses were to a big priest highrolling a turn 3 shadow essence into Neptulon. Almost back to back games. The other loss was just a Reno Priest i think. So yea, if you see a lot of priest, the deck is not that great.

  11. Also this deck would be better if it have any finisher from hand. Sometimes you have no board with 5 hp druid or priest((

  12. What, wouldn't be able to print screen?

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