1. Not exactly romance but Cross Ange has a sex scene between the main couple who end up together in the end.

  2. Yeah I do that too for some reason. I put them in the chest or for the display in my house. Feel like this is important to each region of the game and can be kept as an achievement.

  3. You could probably make a "looking for artist" post on the

  4. Try nekomimipunks or Amanda Darko. I'm sure I know more, but those are the first two that come to mind. They do lewd art at a base level, but take commissions when they can.

  5. Thanks! I've selected few others also like Club3 and puzenketsu but don't know if they'll even reply

  6. I’m the same way, nothing wrong with it. I would purposely play games on emulator software on PC when I was younger so I could save and load anywhere I wanted whenever I wanted, all for that specific reason to do everything perfectly. I’m a very task-oriented kind of person both professionally and in gaming. Love doing every game in the hardest difficulty too. I don’t know if you have that unhealthy relationship with games where every difficulty setting always has to be the highest, I’ve played maybe 90% of the games in my life on the hardest difficulties.

  7. I usually play on normal difficulty but yeah sometimes hard if i've played it a lot. Nowadays i try to move on and accept things as it is. Either way the end goal should be to enjoy the game.

  8. Any Recommendations for milf gangbang involving squirt and decent bondage?

  9. Would be easier to give pointers if we know what sort of deck you're looking for, so what interests you in a NG deck?

  10. I'm really liking assimilate now. I could build a deck around it but i'm just not sure how to go about doing that? Trying to figure out what synergies could be good.

  11. I always like thinning cards - it improves consistency by reducing the number of cards you draw and mulligan from in round 2 and 3.

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