1. Does anyone believe Canada has any pull when it comes to foreign policy?

  2. We can convince allies and such, of course we can not do much alone. But we bring a voice to the table in 5 eyes, NATO, G7 and so on.

  3. Was actually a decent speech by Biden. This is the only little mess up but he corrected right away.

  4. Yea great idea, Putin met Xi and now says Russia can not deliver on it's promised weapons to India. USA senate hase already said no to F-35 or Patriots to India.

  5. When one guy from a terrorist group commits an attack would you blame the guy or the whole group which endorsed it?

  6. That is stupid, what is next all Indian men are to blame when 1 Indian man rapes someone?

  7. According to you only the terrorist who are committing the crime should be arrested and prosecuted not the group he is belonging to, not the leader who made the plans right. By this logic you are saying killing Osama-bin-laden was not correct because he didn't committed only made a group became their leader and planned but he didn't do the actual crime himself?

  8. Wrong, Bin Laden sent those men which is much different. Here this was a protest and 1 guy smashed a window, he was not ordered to by the others. If that was the case they could have done much worse damage but they did not, and only 1 did and he got arrested. London police even commented rest did nothing and there was provocation from embassy staff too

  9. Who told you US wont sell equipments to India?

  10. Patriot is new gen lol? S400 is way better than that shit system.

  11. S400 is trash, Patriot has done great in Ukraine. F-35 NO WAY, not even Turkey a Nato member is approved

  12. Just read all the responses Tucker got on Ukraine, and fuck all those clowns besides Pence and Based Chris fucking Christie

  13. Canada was almost certainly not invited because America has always opposed Canada having nuclear submarines.

  14. I doubt it, the British have also offered to help Canada defend it's arctic since they are worried Canada is underequipped

  15. A real shame what Canada and New Zealand have been doing to their armed forces and security. Deeply diminishing their values in the 5 eyes program as well.

  16. It is well spent since China is building capability and will be an even bigger might in 2045. This deal also increases mutual defence treaties, and the UK will even be deploying nuclear submarines to help patrol Australia and make it clear an attack on Australia is also an attack on them.

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