‘It’s over’: Twitter France’s head quits amid layoffs

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AOC Tells Boebert, ‘You Don’t Get to Thoughts and Prayers Your Way Out of’ LGBTQ Nightclub Shooting | "You have played a major role in elevating anti-LGBT+ hate rhetoric and anti-trans lies while... blocking even the most common sense gun safety laws," Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted

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  1. Wait seriously? I mean I’m Christian and Christianity doesn’t ban interracial marriages.

  2. I’ve associated with evangelical (not evangelical) and I’ve never heard such a thing. It’s not in scripture either. Maybe some of the ones you encountered happened to be racist?

  3. https://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2022/february-web-only/anthea-butler-white-evangelical-racism.html

  4. Its going to be a steaming hot pile of "woke" force-nostalgia, rip-off, cash-grabby bullshit.

  5. That isn't very 90s though. 90s were not woke, it was the last days before digital media and cell phones.

  6. Yeah but its not made IN the 90s, its made today, in todays awful climate, for todays pussy-ass people with todays pussy-ass sensibilities. Its just like anything else made these days, made for "woke" audiences. Silly little things like accuracy dont matter anymore, the MOST important thing is that we dont offend anyone.

  7. Do you often shake your fist at clouds and scream kids today grrrrrr!

  8. Crime in Colorado Springs largely occurs in the Jetwing and Briargate areas. Both areas have a mixture of drug and violent crime.

  9. Conservatives see that as a feature not a bug.

  10. The teaser seemed great to me, but in this I don't know. Bowser's voice is great, Toad's voice is great. The rest to me don't match the character at all, like 0/10. I thought I would like Anya as Peach but it's like I'm watching a bad ~2008 youtube voice over parody. I thought I would like Charlie Day as Luigi but his voice is way too high-pitched to match the body. And Chris Pratt sounds like Chris Pratt.

  11. Leia was headstrong. That's completely different but I understand why you'd confuse the two. She still made mistakes, did dumb shit and needed rescuing. The same for Luke and Han.

  12. I see nothing different between the two. They are the same type of Princess.

  13. Cant tell is this is a joke about Conservatives wanting to check to make sure there are no "boys" on the girls team, or if it is a joke about the massive number of conservative pedophiles...

  14. Article said the shooter was beat in the face till he stopped moving. Maybe brain damage. Dude could be a vegetable

  15. How will we know, he was pretty messed up in the brain prior to this?

  16. It looks boring so it's getting zero from my household.

  17. At this point why are people even watching? Make this the worst rated World Cup ever and I bet they never go back to a country like this.

  18. Can confirm, no one in the United States is watching. We don't care about men's soccer.

  19. It's just culture man. In some countries it's not okay to wear shoes indoors, in other countries you exterminate gays. Just be respectful. Also 3000 years of oppression. /s

  20. It won't, same thing happened in Russia and no one even remembers.

  21. Same in the Netherlands. I was so surprised when I learned this isn't standard everywhere in the world.

  22. This system would be extremely abused in the United States. POC and women would never be allowed to succeed if the powers that be had the ability to prevent upward movement.

  23. Authoritarian governments everywhere are celebrating Twitter's demise. For far to long have their people been informed of the horrible things their governments have done, but that ends today.

  24. It was a very reliable source of news depending on who you followed.

  25. People actually watched that game? I've been watching Dallas destroy the Vikings

  26. It gets better, shooter is the grandson of a prominent California Republican.

  27. Grandson doesn’t mean the kid themselves leans such

  28. The kid who attempted to kidnap his mother, regularly calls in bomb threats doesn't lean such? Whatever dude, to everyone else this kid sounds like your everyday MAGA Terrorist.

  29. Lamborn has publicly said he only represents his high dollar donators and no one else.

  30. The shooter should have been in prison. He was charged with multiple felonies for bomb threats and kidnapping by his own mother. The media will of course blame guns, homophobia and Trump, but whoever let this guy out on streets is truly responsible.

  31. Charges were dropped, he was never charged

  32. The suspect, in custody, was arrested but not charged with kidnapping his mother and making bomb threats. He 100% fits the profile of a serial terrorist.

  33. No charges were ever filed and they sealed his case so it would not appear in a background check.

  34. Why would they seal his case? Not literally why, you said 'why' but...WHY?

  35. Police Press Conference said the suspect was heavily armed with multiple firearms including a Long Rifle commonly used by mass shooters in their various terrorist assaults on innocent people. The suspect was known to police and was arrested in 2021 for felony kidnapping and making bomb threats, but no charges were ever filed.

  36. How the hell does one kidnap someone, make a bomb threat, and threaten to kill someone and not face any charges?

  37. He never actually kidnapped her, only threatened to do so.

  38. Alpha male beat up a 65 year old couple because "someone hit my mirror".

  39. Why can't it just be like an airport where everyone does their thing and goes on with their lives?

  40. Some teams like to pray that they don't get hurt. I'm fine with that. The fact that Jewish players are banned from doing that is a problem.

  41. Google where you want to go, buy tickets and lodging at those locations.

  42. I think hackers will shred Twitter before Monday

  43. Throw them in a cell and throw away the key

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