1. My brother in christ, do you know how difficult it is to get 3 kills without dying use a shield?

  2. The throwing stars, the sickle’s attack that built up the more combos you did with it, Angel and Devil dodges because getting a stat boost for dodging attacks is fucking beautiful.

  3. Dante in DMC 3 didn’t even have Devil Sword Sparda meanwhile DMC 4 Nero defeated someone who wielded it, and destroyed a statue that was powered by it. Dante even says that he had to try during his fight with Nero in the DMC 4 novel.

  4. Mans posted two pictures of Muteba like we wouldn’t notice

  5. Devil May Cry also doesn’t exactly have a lucrative business model. I don’t think we’ve ever actually seen Dante get paid for any of his work.

  6. Dante will actually choose to not get paid sometimes. In the anime he gives his payment, a dead girl’s silver ring, to her brother.

  7. Maybe Adam could fight Goku for a short amount of time before his body gives out on him. That’s one big maybe though.

  8. Okubo vs Ohma maybe but Mokichi vs Himuro send pretty fair

  9. I’m not going to sit here and act like it’s not an unfinished game. DMC 4 is flawed but so are the rest of the games in the series, 3 and 5 included.

  10. Lucifer would be a better friend to Dante considering how crazy he can be at times

  11. Well if we scale uno levels to dbz or dbz to uno levels then yeah and the main cast would slaughter them if we don't scale. Then only sera could hurt them

  12. I don’t know why but this image made me extremely uncomfortable

  13. I don't think I'm over reacting, make an arsey post expect an arsey reply.

  14. "There's just no way" sounds pretty arsey to me, as if it's totally unbelievable.

  15. I misunderstood because you said they have different vibes but DMC 1 does it better so I thought it was a typo

  16. Thanks, seems like a good order to play them, since i just noticed i can buy 3 on switch, which i recently bought and need some new games. So thanks ill try it then

  17. If you have a switch then I’d say to buy DMC 3 on there. The switch version for DMC 3 has several updates that don’t exist on other versions of the game.

  18. Where you see disappointment I see an easy $5 game I can enjoy later this year after the updates.

  19. Don’t play a DMC game, expecting it to be anything like MGR:R

  20. While I always tell people to give DmC a chance, I think you should start with DMC 3 instead.

  21. only ogs can remember the rage fnaf youtubers got playing fnaf world

  22. It seemed like a fun game though. Too bad I never got a chance to download it

  23. With Nero, you can use his “counter” move so that he dodges the fury’s stab and then parries them.

  24. In the DMC 2 novel, Dante says that he killed Mundus

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