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  1. That’s why we do Taco Mondays over here! To stay one step ahead

  2. I do not plan on selling for a very long time, i will just be adding more to my position

  3. Hope the Chef didn’t have anything on the stove in the Galley!

  4. You're still able to sleep? I think I've been awake for 2 years now.... Of course all my dead relatives are here with me telling me.... DRS and HODL!!!

  5. In Narragansett RI it’s free if you are a resident

  6. Stand Up Company! For me, I like the Stock!!!

  7. He said in another interview “when I die I want to come back as me because I’m having fun”

  8. All DRS share holders get a diluted image of something, that has a serial number?

  9. Just wait until it spikes again somewhere around 8:00 est

  10. Real men make much more than $1,500 a week

  11. $1.06 here but what is the catalyst behind this?

  12. They fit perfectly in shipping containers and you don’t need a CDL to drive it. Idea is GENIUS. Soon as the container is dropped you hit a button and it rolls out of the container and a non CDL driver takes off!!!

  13. It’s just a kick in the nuts but at this point I’m used to it…

  14. How much you wanna bet it’s below 30 when it resumes trading 🙄

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