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  1. Rainmaker vs Splat Zones vs Tower Control (clam blitz is excluded to avoid civil war)

  2. The mention of traps makes it sound like a Tall Tale, although I’m not sure where the “time sensitive” bit would come in. I suppose Heart of Fire has the chest of rage, but I feel like you’d have mentioned it if there was lava.

  3. I think there was lava. The time sensitive part was that at the end, the treasure vault starts to close at some point

  4. Okay a closing vault is definitely a gold hoarder quest, you can get them from the gold hoarder guys once you’re rank 25 with them

  5. Remove the sandman’s whole slowdown thing and give it a mechanic where consecutive hits with the same ball deal increasingly more damage to incentivise retrieving it

  6. By your numbers, you're claiming 150% of total payout from remaining in an alliance.

  7. 100% accounts for both treasure piles, if you sink them you get 100% and 1 angry crew who wants you dead, fair enough.

  8. No, because the shrouded ghost commendations exist, but ignoring those, yes people have done it

  9. They do. There was a time where you could get him to spawn with 5 people. Just needed to kill the other sharks before that.

  10. The one from The Shrouded Deep was on demand so you didn’t get the commendation for killing it

  11. Pretty sure that armour breaks happen when you normally would have just died so I’m not sure why you’re complaining about it

  12. I know it’s for other reasons, but the way he joins then immediately leaves makes it look like he clicked on the server by accident

  13. I’d love to see a zoomed out version of this shot where her flicking the fan out just launches the mask into the sunset

  14. Firebombing the back balcony tends to help, it’s difficult to put out but spreads absolutely everywhere

  15. He’s Mr. King Dice, he’s the game’st in the land, he never plays nice, he’s the Devil’s right hand man

  16. I don’t see what’s wrong with them, I’ve never had a death from them that wasn’t my fault

  17. You're a bit too zoomed out, zoom in on Australia and you'll find Hallownest in Team Cherry's backyard.

  18. This concept is just too hilarious to me, I’m accepting it as canon and nobody can stop me

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