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  1. Why are people upset, no laps were completed, isn’t this the rule for like forever?

  2. The longer this lasts the higher the chance for rain

  3. Zhou is fine, Brazilian tv reported

  4. The biggest things to me are not the things they do, but the things they don't do. They almost never sell the farm to win now like a lot of teams "in a window" tend to do. They don't hand out second contracts very often unless players are special. They don't sign big ticket free agents. They almost never sign free agents over 29 years of age. Outside of the Ben and Woodley contracts, I can think of very few times they were still getting killed by a player's cap hit after he had clearly declined. Every year analysts kill them for not doing more to build the roster (especially PFF), but it's very clear to those paying attention that the Steelers believe in having a shot at making the playoffs every year and then seeing what happens when they get there. It's worked out for them considering they won in 2005 as the 6th seed who barely made the playoffs.

  5. Feels like you just described the Packers too lol

  6. Even pro-life people can see that having a law that doesn’t allow for any loopholes is fucking stupid and dangerous

  7. Health of the mother, viability of the Fetus to bear life and pregnancy from sexual assaults should be the minimum, at least. It’s just basic decency and human rights.

  8. Not an American too but my understanding is that States had anti-abortion laws “on suspension” because of Roe v Wade. With the decision today, these laws can be put in effect and new laws about the topic can be made. As for the crime part, I believe it is considered to be in some states, since they have penal autonomy.

  9. Lock is… as bad as I expected. I think we should give him a chance but I’m down with Baker or Geno. Fuck it, I’m down with anything at this point. Just please don’t go 8-9 or 9-8.

  10. I mean, with 7 seeds a 9-8 could get you in the playoffs

  11. Your average bb can penetrate heavy duty aluminum foil. Heavy duty, people!

  12. He didn't carry the team, but his 2018 season was outstanding. He threw for like 4500 yards. Geno has never come close to that. Your attempt to insult OP by criticizing Goff has only proven how little you know.

  13. When I was a kid I used to play Uncharted 2 multiplayer for hours long, it was just so good. Never found a game that had an multiplayer that kept me going with the same energy after that.

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