Elon Musk doubles down on promoting fake news.

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Jury says Alex Jones should pay $965 million to people who suffered from his lies about the Sandy Hook school massacre

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  1. the real question is why is it taking you 20 years to learn something

  2. Because people just decided to change the meaning and now scream at you if don't follow their new definition.

  3. I haven't seen the show but I bet it's better than that garbage article I just read.

  4. What is a dead give away you're insecure about an experience with a girl?

  5. Maybe elevated highs with missing mid and upper bass? I recently installed new speakers and I had this exact same impression. I took measurements and found a wide dip in energy from 70-200hz area combined with slight rise in response from 3,000-10,000. I made adjustments with eq and subwoofer crossover and all the "fullness" was back.

  6. Interesting, yeah, it's weird... songs that are more mid ranged focus sound tolerable but any introduction of Somewhat high pitched vocals/instruments just sounds intolerable and grating but at the same time lifeless and "holographic" (one of the best words or ways i've seen/used to describe this sound, it's a very accurate/tangible description even if it isn't technically an actual "sound", it just makes sense)

  7. One other thing I just thought of... all Bluetooth devices aren't created equal. Connecting via Bluetooth to my old av receiver always made it sound sharp and compressed. Like in the way a picture can look pixelated, but with sound. Does the way you connect it make any difference?

  8. Seeing conservatives fail brings a smile to my face

  9. Uhh... conservatives still won. This is like Biden saying, "We lost but it was closer than we thought it would be!"

  10. I loved Avatar but I think it was an "experience" movie. It's not about writing or character development. It's about the grand-ness of it when watched in theaters. When it's played on Sunday with commercials on TNT 10 years later it won't hit the same. You lose all that wow factor and all you're left with is the average storyline. Then people think about the hype that came with theater release and they go, "why was this average movie that popular?!".

  11. I’m surprised House of Dragons is that high. I just binged it and it was 7s-8s across the board in my book. Entertaining sure, but pacing was slow, time jumps were frustrating to say the least, and it was not nearly as enthralling as early GoT seasons. Future looks great though.

  12. Is it good? Absolutely. Is it GoT? Nooooo no no no.

  13. Oh just shut up. No one supports a fucking hammer attack on a person. Nothing is going to resolve "them" of accountability because it's not on "them". The only person accountable is the psycho directly involved.

  14. "Well, yeah. I mean, it's not going to be absolute zero, but the likelihood, JOHN, of this spreading is really very, very low. And that's one of the reasons why they're even talking about if you are vaccinated, that you're going to cut down on the testing of individuals, because even if they test positive, the likelihood of their transmitting to someone else is really very, very low."

  15. From the article: “…people just want to not feel as if they are walking on eggshells. And they want some acknowledgment that life is messy and that all of us at any given moment can say things the wrong way, make mistakes.” He’s speaking to the small but vocal group that self-identify as progressive liberals that are insufferable to pretty much everyone.

  16. That's cool and all but this would have been nice to hear 10 years ago. You, your wife, and your administration essentially supercharged this movement during your time in office.

  17. It's scary to finally admit defeat after 20 loser years and leave? What are you talking about? If you want to do things slowly you want to continue the war, simple as that.

  18. Buddy we're not disagreeing with the decision to leave... we're laughing at the fact that there is a human on earth who actually thinks the withdrawal was executed well.

  19. So you're a fortune teller? We just needed a few more weeks? Send some more money? Kill a few more kids? Drive over a few more IEDs? We're out = unmitigated success. It was a retreat not kids shaking hands after a well played little league game.

  20. Your nuts but I guess I have to appreciate your unrelenting commitment to defend that shit show haha

  21. Interesting... But I think kind of a straw man. Sowell clearly is putting words into the mouths of his opponents. Most people (or at least me) who disagree with Sowell would not agree human nature is perfectable. I'm not even sure human nature is changeable. Even so, the goal of perfection is ultimately irrelevant to discussions about specific political policy.

  22. I don't think either viewpoint is against improvement. There may be some deviation in what is considered "improvement", but I think the primary difference is the disagreement on how we get there.

  23. Enough that he can’t out-fundraise it or sell enough his dumbass magic water.

  24. Does he though? How do they come up with this number?

  25. It is the largest defamation suit damages in US history, surpassing a 1997 case where a brokerage firm sued the Wall Street Journal and won $222.7million.

  26. I clearly don't understand private law. I mean of course he was wrong, but how in the fuck did they come up with a BILLION dollars?! In what world does that make sense? Isn't it about how much money his lies cost them? I understand he's a dick and blah blah blah, I'm sure I agree with all that, but the guy told a really mean shitty lie and he now has to pay a BILLION dollars?!

  27. Jimmy was an interesting President who had a lot of good ideas and concepts that were ahead of the time or against the interests of the powerful. My old US History teacher summed it up the best--Carter wasn't afraid to tell the ugly truth, while Reagan would serve the American people a plate filled with shit with a smile on his face. People should read or listen through his

  28. It is stress, just not environmental stress. Your body is stressed when an immune response is triggered, which is what a vaccine does.

  29. Yeahhhhh nice spin but no. My wife had significant issues for nearly 6 months and multiple doctors told her this. They were more focused on protecting the agenda than the health of their patient.

  30. When doctors say, "It's not the vaccine, it's probably just stress". They don't mean, "It's probably just the vaccine stressing your immune system."

  31. You would not consider him at all an engineer? I'm confused.

  32. So he was great when playing against lower competition and throwing to all-star wide receivers? I'm rooting for the guy but I'm not sure this post is exactly comforting.

  33. I'm so sick of this talking point. Beef consumption accounts for a few percent of the total emissions. That includes the cows, farming, processing, transportation, etc. If every single American drastically changed their life and completely stopped consuming beef (which is a ridiculous expectation) we're still going to only reduce emissions by a percentage point or two for one single country. It's impact on the climate is essentially negligible.

  34. It's not just emissions though, as you're ignoring all the other production process including deforestation and habitat destruction which is needed for graze clearing of land.

  35. So if we make an insane completely unrealistic assumption and said every human on earth cut out one of their major food sources.... we would use less land for food production, and decrease greenhouse emissions a few percent. Got it.👍

  36. He's so deep in denile he's finding Cleopatra.

  37. I have a very similar seating arrangement and distances. I went back and forth with this same decision. I think either one will be fine, but I got the 75 and haven't regretted it for a second.

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