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This hits me right in the feels

  1. Always felt like a pantheist. Everything that is, was, or ever will be, is God to me. God is all encompassing and a melting pot of everything everywhere all at once. Therefore, we are all parts of the divine. Cells in its gigantic cosmic "body".

  2. Every time I watch Steel Magnolias and Fried Green Tomatoes I cry my eyes out! I watch them every time I need a good cry

  3. It’s not a movie but Maid fucking broke me

  4. Broke me too because I could see my own life story in it. A lot of similarities

  5. Everything Sucks is really good. I'm annoyed that they cancelled it. Also Freaks and Geeks is really good but I'm not sure if that's on Netflix

  6. Me sitting in California right now with the driest crispiest grass 👀

  7. It is VERY crispy at my house. Fortunately we had .62" on September 18-19. Helps tremendously.

  8. We had a nice storm too. My lawn is still dead though 😆 maybe someday it'll come back

  9. So one of them will constantly drop their Smartphone because they have to handle it with the hand they are not used to.

  10. I've been married 9 years and we do indeed still hold hands in public and he still opens doors for me.

  11. Consider yourself lucky. It's constant work to value your partner after so many years the same way you did at the beginning.

  12. It's not luck. It's work. We both put in the work, day after day, year after year, because we value our relationship and consider ourselves a team. Quitting is not an option for us. This is my second marriage. My first I was married to an abusive narcissist for 10 years and it took a long time to get over what was done to me, I'm still not over some of it, but my current husband and I are working through it together. And we're working through what his last relationship was before me. His fiance lost their baby to miscarriage and she went out partying and cheating on him. They couldn't reconcile after that. The thing is that we both treat each other with respect and dignity. But this didn't happen overnight. Our relationship is stronger now than at any other point. And honestly I can credit that to the pandemic opening our eyes to a lot of things. We then did shadow work together, and are both more conscious of how we're treating each other. I hope that someday you're able to find that but you have to be willing to put in the work to make a relationship grow. Both of you do. Otherwise it all falls apart. Wishing you the best of luck.

  13. Sounds like you could use speech therapy

  14. I don't really decorate for fall but I do for Halloween and its always fun to craft your own decorations! Our house does a Beetlejuice theme every year and I did large scale sandworms and a Dante's Inferno facade for the porch out of plywood and paint I had sitting around.

  15. I love them! I have car coasters that have stars and moons on them because that's my cars theme. But these are adorable

  16. The video called "reality is an absurd conspiracy generation machine"?

  17. That's one of many, but in that video he's telling you not to fall into the conspiracy trap. That reality has an endless number of conspiracies that have layers upon layers and you fall deep into the rabbit hole for no good reason. It's all distraction.

  18. Watch quantum of consciousness channel on YouTube. His videos on how reality works actually helped me when I was stuck in conspiracy loop. Because even if you still believe in all that, he explains how none of it matters to the ultimate goal in life. To ascend, to do better and be better than you ever were before. To self actualize. All of that conspiracy stuff is "the bog", it's a distraction taking you away from what you should be doing. It helped me to stop caring about whether any of it is true. Whether the earth is flat, round, a hologram, whatever doesn't matter because it's not affecting my day to day life.

  19. If it is, it definitely shouldn't be

  20. I predict that this technology will quickly be used for advertising purposes and we will be engulfed in a sea of advertising when we commute to work.

  21. We already are. Billboards, vehicle wraps, giant inflatables on top of buildings, etc

  22. This isn't near LA, it's near San Jose, the bay area.

  23. I haven't been sleeping well but when I do, my dreams are CRAZY!

  24. Yes! I've had some crazy dreams the past 2 nights!

  25. The OA, Schitt's Creek, The Good Place!

  26. Arby's sent me a Fallout 4 valentine they made for a Facebook ad. I still have it, and yes I framed it

  27. Nicole wasn't the problem actually. Something rubbed me the wrong way.. Production quality... Writing or something. I couldn't put my finger on it, but felt off.

  28. The white lotus didn't have Nicole Kidman.. it was that lady from American horror story and 9-1-1. Can't remember her name, but she has red hair and looks similar.

  29. I'm talking about 4 different "resort murder" shows, just couldn't remember Kidman show name. Monk guy asked about why I didn't like the Kidman show. And separately referred to being interested in White Lotus.

  30. My faction took the upper realm. We defended it with pinecones.

  31. I can't do that. It's like telling a former crackhead to just do crack once in a while. I had a bad addiction to it and it was ruining my mental health. We'll manage with subReddits

  32. No I quit FB in 2020. Too incendiary

  33. Really looks bigger when you trim all that back!

  34. That's what she said! That's what she said!

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