1. Jesus fuck the Irish farmers are towing submarines with their tractors...

  2. Those good 'ol culchie boys working together with the gypsies to tow, strip and sell Russian submarines within a day to benefit everyone. Bless 'em

  3. How does Noelle story ties with automata? I’m curious to know.

  4. I probably should have worded it better. What I meant is her story takes place sometime around Automata's as Noelle can be seen interacting with a stubby machine at some point iirc. I can't quite remember if that's the extent of it or if there's more

  5. Oh! That’s interesting, is her story in Nier reincarnation? Or is it a novel? Maybe she was a android that was part of the army of humanity.

  6. Her story is in Reincarnation, you can look it up on YouTube or maybe online if you'd like, I'd say more but it would spoil a bit of her story

  7. What's happening in that bottom picture?

  8. Its a guy holding a very angry dog. Not sure of the context or anything behind it though sadly

  9. Small correction: that dog is getting blasted with a leafblower

  10. Aahhh so thats what's going on. Cheers mate, now I can go find the video again for myself

  11. I believe they can be rather destructive and very hyper, I'm no expert though so

  12. Mate talk to the average dmc fan. It's what happened to MGR it's just ",HHAHAA MOTIVATION HSHAHA MLTIVATION MAN HSHA YES YES CHILD SUPPORT AHAHAHAH.". And why do we even play base Vergil? Base Vergil fucking sucks as a character, he is just op anime garbage.

  13. I've never understood that shit. Why do some people feel the need to be offended for other people over shit nobody but them is annoyed by? Is it attention seeking or grade-A retardation? I'm genuinely curious btw

  14. How exactly does one poop out the window? What about the neighbors? What about the little kids playing beneath your window? What about Allah witnessing your sin?

  15. He will have to beg forgiveness from Allah and ask that his fathers wicked sins are too forgiven as he is naught but a contrary bastard

  16. As per always and especially in this case: This post is both a sham and highly homosexual

  17. Just wait for the market on all of the stackable unusuals to drop now lol

  18. Good unusuals at low prices? Satisfactory

  19. They've done away with the low and high functioning phrases entirely in general

  20. Have they? Huh, was it replaced with anything or just done away with?

  21. Well it was too simplifying of autism as a spectrum, it encompasses a bunch of stuff, so it's more like a list of autistic traits rather than one big dial labeled "autism"

  22. Interesting, I wonder how or if ay all it affects diagnoses of autism in people. Wonder what mine would say lol

  23. I'm friends with a few germans, one of which I consider a brother. We all joke about it and they agree that germans can be kinda robotic. Nothing overly wrong with it mind just the seriousness can be a bit strange, especially to me since as an Irishman I take very little overly seriously lol

  24. I'd love a Warriors type game for Soulcalibur, maybe even cross it over with Fire emblem on that

  25. I agree with all the Yakuza watching Haruka'a concert in the middle of Kamurocho, that and the one bit of Shinada picking up the camera and doing the little peace sign into it.

  26. Guy is a moron and believes that any form of doubt a man has for a woman is him being an incel

  27. Yesterday i couldnt equip my summer shades with any hats so now its fixed ?

  28. Seems so. Ruined my Demo's look so I'm really happy they fixed it so swiftly

  29. Damn that looks really fucking cool. Amazing work! Or I guess I should say SSS work

  30. Griffon, Shadow and Nightmare of course. The others are cool but having Griffon as a buddy would be great.

  31. I do that sometimes. I just see the crocket and get a deer in the headlights moment and just die like a moron

  32. Anon lives in a neighbourhood full of pitbulls

  33. I've read this so many times before and it still makes me giggle

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