1. I noticed it and was about to call him out on it but Twitter decided to save his ass by crashing on me causing me to lose the tweet. How desperate for attention can one be by stealing someone's hard work and passing it off as their own? Disgusting.

  2. He’s blind. How would the game work? That’s the only reason I wouldn’t want it is because perhaps his biggest character trait (at least one of them) would have to be non existent for the game to be playable.

  3. After thinking about it for a while, I realise where you're coming from. If the game doesn't make proper use of Matt's Radar Sense, it would just be the same thing as the Spider Sense or the counter prompt from the Arkham games. The Radar Sense is supposed to be an enhanced combination of all of Matt's remaining senses. He has to rely on sound vibrations, smells and alterations in the airwaves to "see" what is around him but in a 3rd person game where we're not playing from the character's literal point of view, we wouldn't get the true experience of playing as Daredevil. It would just be a Spider-Man game with a different character.

  4. One of my top 10 seasons. It's such a great season and so underrated. Great characters who are charming to watch because of their chemistry as a family, intimidating villains, great mechs, suits are fine and of course, there's that bombastic, most heroic and epic Sentai opening ever. I honestly wish we could get another season like this but it would be considered way too dark for today's standards.

  5. Welcome to the club! I also managed to secure a PS5 this Tuesday and got it the next day. Definetely give Astro's Playroom a shot before you play anything else. It is such a fun Dualsense demo.

  6. Was Michael Bay involved in this game in some way?

  7. I feel like it would've been better if Right was the one being comforted for not having his season adapted.

  8. Gekiranger is the best martial arts season because of how they incorporated the theme into the story. You can't do any better than a battle between two varying styles of the same martial art to prove which is the better of the two. Not only do we see the heroes get stronger as the season progresses but the villains as well. Whenever one side gets stronger, the other side trains hard to become even more stronger.

  9. Edward Kenway and his crew onboard the Jackdaw.

  10. I just could not get into Mystic Force when it first aired. I pretty much dropped the show at that point. I tried watching Mystic Force again when it was on Netflix and I still don't like it. What's ironic is that Magiranger is one of my favourite Sentai seasons and despite liking some things about Mystic Force, my thoughts of it are more toward the negative side because of how much they just copied Magiranger and, dare I say, butchered it with the whole chosen one story they created. I get that they couldn't have the Rangers be siblings but pushing majority of them to the side to focus on one character is a huge no no when this is supposed to be a superhero TEAM.

  11. Did you actually just refer to 2018's game of the year as "that other game"? Also, because you don't play that game, a whole fandom that has been waiting since 2018 for a sequel has to endure waiting longer to fulfill your selfish ass even though we got a Spider-Man game less than 2 years ago?

  12. All in the name of karma farming

  13. Well it backfired hard because this post doesn't have a single upvote and OP has actually lost a lot of karma in the comments. Is there an opposite term for karma farming? Because that's exactly what's happened here.

  14. There's no legal way to watch it. You'll just have to sail the seven seas with most of us.

  15. For those who don't know (I feel like that's majority of this sub), the Ishinomori name drop is a reference to Shotaro Ishinomori; a manga artist who was well known for being the creator of Kamen Rider and Super Sentai which of course, got adapted into Power Rangers. So, this franchise wouldn't exist if it wasn't for that man who was basically the Japanese Stan Lee.

  16. I knew it was coming the moment I saw what sub this is posted on.

  17. General rule of thumb: 9 times out of 10, If something looks unrelated to Kamen Rider on this sub, watch out for breaking glass.

  18. It's also because I've watched Spider-Man 2 countless times so I knew that there will be a Ryuki roll because the scene involves glass breaking.

  19. And I'm still confused about OOO - whether it's TaJaDor or TaJaDol

  20. It's definetely TaJaDor since the animals are Taka (Hawk), Kujaku (Peacock) and Condor.

  21. don't get me wrong, def in my top 5 sentais, but what exactly is the twist, aside from the revelation that it's Sara who was the child of Dr. Tokimura and not one of the guys?

  22. To give my own thoughts, this all depends what this reboot universe actually is. If it's a full on reboot, then it shouldn't acknowledge the original team or even any team if it's supposed to be its own thing. But if it's a semi-reboot that still takes place in the original universe, I won't mind subtle references here and there but as long as it isn't just Mighty Morphin'. There have been multiple teams for decades after Mighty Morphin' so it makes no sense that this one team is the only one that gets acknowledged even though they are the original team.

  23. Oh really? I guess I missed it when I watched Dino Charge and as for Scrozzle, I don't even remember any of the villains in Ninninger vs ToQger.

  24. Acid in the cartoon just seemed right to me as a kid and I’d like to see it brought back

  25. I always find it funny how heavily censored the 90's cartoon was since they did stuff like replace normal guns with laser blasters and yet they made Scorpion shoot corrosive acid out of his tail instead of laser blasts.

  26. How did we go from Emperor Yodon to this?

  27. Why would Marvelous be the one who says Super Megaforce is amazing?

  28. There's no beating Dekaranger's SWAT mode. Not only does it look cool and comes with a sweet blaster rifle, but the team had to work their asses off to earn the right to use it and that is something I want to see in Sentai again. Also, there's the theme which is a bop that I can never get out of my head.

  29. You can’t hate him because he’s played by Jouji motherfuckin Nakata

  30. Does that mean I can't hate Bokkuwaus even though he is easily one of the worst villains ever because of the fact that he's a wall?

  31. You can hate Toei for wasting his talent on 3 shitty villains, the purple guy from Zyuohger, the guy from Ryusoulger, and the literal wallpaper that is Bokkuwaus

  32. I just looked at his filmography because I didn't want to believe he voiced those characters but he did! How has Toei wasted Nakata San's talent this many times in the past few years?!

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