1. They're too busy locking up their own citizens for anti-war protests.

  2. If you look at the police arresting the anti-war protestors, their guns and gear are better than the frontline soldiers

  3. because they're afraid to call out racism because they fear then they'll have to accept every leftist claim of racism.

  4. As a result it showed in the 2020 election demographics data. Trump gained ground on every minority group but lost ground on the white voters.

  5. Obama was arguably even tougher on the border and immigration than Trump was. He built more of the southern wall than trump, deported even more illegal immigrants.

  6. Eh, Obama campaigned on a populist and centrist immigration reform policy in 2008, but much like most of his policies, his immigration policy became corrupted by Democrat elites by his 2nd term. See the DACA and his executive orders trying to legalize illegal immigration.

  7. Yeah really shows you how far left the Democrats have swung. Obama campaigned on strong borders, pro-police, traditional marriage in 08.

  8. I dunno man, part of me hopes he never gets into politics. His humility, work ethos and wide skillset isn’t a good fit for a politician.

  9. Exactly. Average politician work is way too scummy

  10. Him being a pilot is the least impressive thing about him.

  11. Nah politics is dirtier than ever now. His amazing reputation will get tarnished by half the country no matter what political platform he runs on.

  12. What’s been happening lately? Isn’t it just the pit preacher? The other religious groups are pretty passive and not controversial. At least that was the case when I was around.

  13. Took me a minute. I was waiting for some glitch, explosion or a shooting. Then I realized it was the Dahmer lookalike

  14. Jocko has had a handful of these guys in the past year. They all lost the midterms.

  15. Who else was on his podcast that ran for office? I’ve only recently started listening

  16. Quora is a target rich environment for non-credible hot takes.

  17. Where’s our favorite armchair Russian general, Pavel, at?

  18. I attended my freshman year too. Assuming this is your first offense, I highly doubt you’ll have any charges at all.

  19. This has to be bullshit? Source?

  20. When I got the booster last year (What good it did, I got Covid last week and still trying to get over the sore throat), there was a cardboard cut out of Dr. Fauci. There was a small part of me that wanted to steal it and burn it.

  21. When I was drunk once, there was a painting of Fauci on a thin wooden board beside the street. I kicked it several times and destroyed it.

  22. I genuinely hate the guy. There aren't many people on that list, but he easily tops it

  23. I had some friends who went to UNC and UMich and for their graduation ceremony, Fauci was invited to speak. They said during the speech, Fauci only praised himself, trashed Trump and proclaimed how much doom there was due to Covid. He did not offer any sort of congratulations for graduating or display any sort of optimism. My friends were all pretty liberal and even then they were like "wtf is wrong with Fauci"

  24. same here, switched from console to pc after building a brand new one to immediately be shadow banned the second i linked my xbox account to battlenet/activision

  25. Is it still shadow banned? I have a very similar situation to you

  26. i wished they showed a clip of their keyhole rifle too

  27. Why is this happening in a solid Republican county, where I can only assume all the elected officials are all Republicans too. There's been a lot of posts about lenient DAs in super liberal areas doing this but Stutsman County is not one of them.

  28. Fetterman looks like someone who would steal catalytic converters.

  29. Or someone who’d ask if he can bum a cig off of you

  30. But he wears Carhartt everywhere, this must mean he’s a blue collared Everyman right?

  31. Wasn’t Newsom refusing a debate for the governors race? I saw an article posted in this sub a few days ago about this.

  32. Bring it to one of the gyms (Rams or SRC) and they'll fill it up for free. I'm pretty sure Target on Franklin will also sell one.

  33. Useful for any ops in the Grand Canyon or any of those national parks in Utah/Arizona

  34. This wasn't really a swing state. The Democrat media went super hard in 2020 and between McConnell fumbling the ball in the general election, and Trump saying not to vote in the run off, they gave the edge to let the Dems sweep.

  35. Also Kemp's Covid policies were also very good. He refused lockdowns and mask mandates. Tbh he was Desantis 2.0 in this regard, there was just less media attention about it.

  36. Yeah, there were three of us that were free back then. FL,GA,SC. It was kinda nice since you could always tell a lib by the face mask wherever you went.

  37. Oh yeah for sure. I lived in NC during the height of Covid. Cooper was probably the best among the Dem governors but nowhere near as good as Desantis or Kemp

  38. If it’s in a liberal city probably not. In SF as long as you steal less than $1k worth of stuff the police can’t legally go after you. That’s why big stores like Walgreens and CVS are closing their locations there.

  39. Police will also lowball the value of your stolen goods. I've had friends who've gotten Macbooks stolen and police still regard it as under 1k$.

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