1. Penn & Teller did a fully nude trick.

  2. When you compare Trump to Hitler, but one was actually able to stay in office, and the other failed miserably.

  3. For those that dont remember, the Republicans circled the wagons around Nixon as well.

  4. Fox News was specifically founded to prevent what happens to Nixon from ever happening again to another Republican president. By which I mean the being held accountable by his crimes, not the committing large amounts of crime while in office.

  5. The hit pieces keep on coming. It's obvious the Dems feel very threatened by DeSantis...and they should.

  6. But I thought that the more good guys with guns, the safer everyone is. Are you saying that the people in this crowd aren’t good guys?

  7. I smile before I answer the phone, it really helps your tone of voice. If the phone rings for ages I visualise bedlam on the other end and try to start with "you guys must be SO BUSY". It helps me, and I think it helps them to hear that I get it.

  8. If you know they’re not actually busy, you need to drag out the so for as long as possible.

  9. What are you talking about? I live in DC and don’t have any representation already. Why is it fine for me but not for them? It isn’t scary to want equal representation for everyone, or alternatively to play constitutional hardball for everyone.

  10. “Don’t Investigate Donald Trump’s crimes or we Will start killing people. But don’t call us terrorists. Or just let us call ourselves domestic terrorists”.

  11. That is the case for the bulk of gerrymandered states. Texas is the same way, although not as extreme. The ordinary gerrymandering carries the same effect, however. When a region is designed such that voters wishes are muted, it is a problem.

  12. Which is why we need things like multi member districts and ranked choice voting. But it is absolutely a farce to compare Republican and Democratic gerrymanders as if they are not in different orders of magnitude.

  13. According to WAPO, Maryland is tied with North Carolina for the worst gerrymandered state overall. Last I checked, NC was considered a swing state.

  14. Based on what metric? I question the methodology of anything that puts Maryland above states like Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, where Republicans have given themselves a super majority even when winning a minority of votes. And by “question,” I mean label them as the absolute partisan bullshit they are. Shapes are not more important than outcomes.

  15. Getting absolutely bodied by my friends who were good enough to place at regional tournaments is how I learned how to play melee at a decent level

  16. Velma and bugs also have a much higher skill ceiling. Finn just is mostly annoying and easy to pick up and do decent even if first time.

  17. These revelations are ALWAYS right before the release of a book. It's really pissing me off.

  18. Dem strategy seems to be “vote for us because we’re not as bad as our opponent”. I’m so tired of it. I want to vote for someone, not against someone. Sometimes that’s fine, but every single election it’s the same thing.

  19. So I guess you just haven’t been paying any attention whatsoever to the laws that Democrats are passing right now. And this is somehow the fault of the Democrats and not you reflexively attacking them.

  20. That’s when cards and renal notes say the opposite thing regarding fluid status right?

  21. No, it’s when cardiology and nephrology get into a knife fight while being circled by a bunch of nurses jeering them on.

  22. This is a centrist sub. If the post is titled “authoritarian governor” whoever wrote that is not a centrist. Virginia has the plates too already and has for me at years.

  23. It's an option. Just like other options states offer. This man is fabulous. I can't wait until the day I can vote for him.

  24. You want an estate lawyer who works in your area. This is not a place that you want legal advice from.

  25. HW Bush was pretty centrist too. A Republican who raised taxes? Could you imagine that today?

  26. His complicity in the treason with Iran Contra is very on brand for Republicans though.

  27. So you agree that we need to change education to teach our children a more accurate history of America.

  28. Yes we should teach kids the truth, without bias.

  29. That’s gonna earn a lot of criticism from the right for having an “anti-American bias”.

  30. Oats are cool but who tf eats it with bread? It's like having a bread sandwich

  31. Didn't the SF DA refuse to prosecute theft under $1000?

  32. And yet no one minds that we don’t prosecute a type of theft in the millions of dollars in the form of wage theft. I wonder why that is…

  33. First, I think many people mind.

  34. It's been a while since I've read that law review article, but I do recall at least one court mentioning that they might have considered it a different issue if the boy had been forcibly raped, but he failed to preserve that question. Many courts analyzed the question of consent specifically separating consent as a matter of criminal law versus the act of voluntary participation, so I suspect some might have gone the other way if a forcible rape was alleged. Some, however, did explicitly say that biological fatherhood was a strict liability issue, and so wouldn't have ruled differently regardless. However,

  35. Except the legal reasoning behind statutory rate is the children are not mentally able to consent to having sex with an adult.

  36. There isn't only one possible cause for high rent. This thread is about a hypothetical situation which would skyrocket rent. The skyrocketing rent we see today is caused by something different.

  37. I mean, there really is just one underlying cause of skyrocketing rent. Housing as an investment instead of a place for people to live.

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