AITA for not allowing my niblings in my childfree home?

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  1. My routine with a sick kid is saline/frida before naps and nights. That’s 4x/day with a seven month old and keeps her mostly clear for sleep.

  2. Do I need the nasal aspiration as opposed to a plain old bulb? Is it very different?

  3. I don’t find the bulb works very well, but if it works for you that’s great.

  4. Next week. I will try pumping after he feeds. Is there still a shortage with the formula? That's one reason I decided to breastfeed instead.

  5. That’s pretty soon. Lactation consultants recommended to me that I pump in the morning when supply is highest after baby eats. I’d recommend trying to pump everyday (honestly I’d do twice a day if I only had one week to prepare, I would also pump before bed or wake up when you know the baby will be down for a while and sneak a pump in). You can send the stored milk with baby and then pump while they’re gone to keep the supply going for them.

  6. I specifically tried to find plain white socks and could not find them anywhere for babies. The only option was the multi color pack. Luckily no one cares what baby socks look like since they don’t even walk.

  7. Same! Some of was seriously cheaper than the thrift store!

  8. Still a good deal, especially if you can find some higher end stuff there or things like coats/toys. Old navy usually has decent clearance prices for babies as well. Once I realized I could get brand new undershirts for $2/apiece on clearance, it was a game changer. But i like the thrill of finding something weird/unique.

  9. Good to know! I’ll make note to check there. This was my first every baby clothes purchase so I’m learning

  10. My baby has eczema and All Free& Clear is always recommended for eczema so that’s what I use. I’ve never purchased baby detergent before. I also use various eco friendly brands as long as they’re free and clear and he hasn’t had an issue. I may be wrong, but I suspect baby detergent is just a gimmick.

  11. Not the whole time. I’ll typically talk to her like “you’re doing a good job eating” or I’ll talk to her about our day like “we’re going to see nana and papa today. How does that sound?” Or just tell her I love her. Usually just a sentence or two at a time. I don’t think you can talk too much or too little while breastfeeding and if your baby has a good latch I imagine distracting her wouldn’t be an issue. My LO was born early and quite small due to a growth restriction so we had to introduce bottles immediately to prevent too much weight loss and she developed a flow preference. And because she was small latching was difficult for her so we are working on getting a deep latch and eating a full feed from the breast, so we are still doing triple feeds. And if she loses the latch often she won’t go back on even if she’s still hungry.

  12. This is exactly what I do too. I’ll smile at him and tell him he’s doing great and he’s going to get so big if he keeps eating so well. Then tell him what we have planned for the day. Sometimes if he’s in a fidgety mood I intentionally don’t look at him for long because he will unlatch and complain.

  13. I also sing to her sometimes. She really likes “here comes the sun.”

  14. Oh I’m stealing your song choice! I sing nursery rhymes because I couldn’t think of adult songs that were appropriate except Ed Sheeran.

  15. Read this list OP. It’s basically a guide on how to be a good brother. You need this list.

  16. Even in your edit YTA. She’s not asking you to parent her children. She didn’t even want you to babysit. She was asking for family to give her some emotional support. You suck.

  17. Remind me when? I did this once already so I should know but I can barely remember my own name right now.

  18. My baby is 3 months, this is what we love. It’s embarrassing how much money I spent til I found stuff that we loved and stuck with.

  19. We got the Baby a horn Harmony in 3D mesh. There was a little bit of a learning curve for me because there are so many ways to adjust it and baby can face forwards and back towards you, but after a few uses we really love it. It’s really easy to switch between a tall guy and short person like myself, all we need to change is the shoulders and waist band. It has a few easy to use features for newborns to make them more comfortable too. Definitely recommend if you’re still looking!

  20. Has your wife ever tried ear plugs? My husband wears them during my night shift sometimes so he can get some sleep.

  21. Don’t use a Haka or pump the first four weeks. You don’t need it until you’ve established a supply.

  22. Unless you're breastfeeding twins, then you need all the help you can get!!

  23. Oh yes my babe is a big fan of this play mat. He’s 3 months and can lay and swat the hanging toys and kick the piano keys. But I imagine there must be other ones you can get that are also good too?

  24. For me, the most painful is when he asks for more after an hour on my breast huhu

  25. An hour of being full at three weeks is pretty good! I had many days where mine wanted to eat every hour or even every 30 minutes at 3 weeks old. I wonder if you could get babe to cluster feed for 6 or 8 hours to super boost your supply?

  26. Stop answering her. You keep telling her how the kids are doing when she asks. I say either call the police or don’t answer at all. She seems to care enough to keep asking you how they are, if you don’t answer I bet she would come home.

  27. Please tell her thank you from my family- the beneficiaries of NICU donations.

  28. It got a lot better at 4 weeks and great by 6 weeks. But even at 10 weeks I was still wondering why he would get angry at one boob sometimes. I don’t think I’ve completely figured that out yet. Anyway, but 6 weeks I knew he and I had figured it out enough to be able to do it for the next 6 months at least. It took a while for both of us to learn.

  29. I think you should see a lactation consultant for something like this. Mine will latch and unlatch and cry, but only when he is upset there is not enough milk for his liking in that boob. Sorry I don’t have answers but I hope you update us when you find out what the deal is.

  30. my period ended and my supply just completely bounced back to where it was pre-period. I had a LC appointment on monday and i just called to tell her and she told me that it was more than likely the period causing the massive supply drop

  31. Sorry for the delayed response, things have been chaotic with the little one. Thank you for sharing your experience, I had not heard of wet wrapping. Is it possible to do over a baby’s face?

  32. How is your baby doing now? Any better? I’ve started wet wrapping my baby’s legs as he now has eczema from teething and it’s almost completely cleared over night. We slathered his whole body in eczema balm and it seems to help quite a lot. I hope you’ve found something.

  33. My pediatrician said your boobs can get in a schedule where they don’t make as much at night. You would probably pump just enough to be comfortable and that’s it, in order to reduce night supply. I personally wanted to keep pumping at night to use as a back up stash. If it was me I would pump the whole thing. If you pump just to comfort I think you’ll eventually make less milk and he will be able to empty both breasts.

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