"You have a reminder set for 5pm today," my phone said.

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  1. Mother of god! What an astonishing picture! And you just followed the kids playing, no preparing whatsoever?

  2. FYI, an art museum isn’t the same as an art gallery. The main difference is that in a gallery, the art on display is for sale, but in a museum, it is either owned by the museum or on loan to them.

  3. You are right, the few art galleries I saw were too small to need benches - the bench made me think of a museum.

  4. I cannot really imagine how painful your situation is, going trough the death of a parent and LO' rejection.

  5. Looking around us at other species it looks like the conscience is an emergent phenomenon, byproduct of evolution and a spectrum.

  6. That sounds.....scary. Idk the best word to use but damn that does not sound like a nice emotion at all.

  7. It was an unbelievable good feeling at the beginning - the kind of "I'm so alive and feel great!!!" feeling. But after a few weeks it turned into a painful obsession with that person. The limerence is a curse.

  8. You lol whatever YOU want behind the ego. Or align the ego and your soul but desire will always be there regardless of the where / who/ how it comes from. There’s a famous quote from Alan watts that I love and he basically says (paraphrasing) :

  9. The desire coming from our unconscious, 9 times out of 10, is the path you should be choosing. End of story. Unless you’re born a murderer which is rare and that your brain is truly messed up chemically or unless you have schizophrenia Disorder. Etc … you get my point … if you’re a healthy individual you have the power to make what you want most happen. My post wasn’t to debate what you want. My post was explaining that you have the power to get what you want. 💜

  10. The stereotypical pop song, like "I desire xy sooo much -> I don't know what to do -> at last he/she sees me -> everything is sooooo good now" is not a song I'd like Aurora to write, to be honest.

  11. She doesn't write dumb songs, but a love songs doesn't have to be dumb ¨(e.g. this

  12. This is a typical example to explain: nothing wrong with motifs, and the only problem is the poet who makes it cliché.

  13. You might be on something here. Maybe she does write often about the romantic love but we don't recognize it as such.

  14. Haha now I notice there are many looking like that. But it was during the wait before the show so I guess it's normal - some were staying on the ground - like the guy drinking from the left down corner

  15. I'm not from Norway, but I'm 90% sure she says:

  16. I am in this video ha! The guy with the tattoos on the arm with an Apple Watch 🙌🏼 loved the show i cryed!

  17. So you were not the guy picked and removed by the police? LOL I guess you were closer to him. Do you you know what he did? Big camera issues? Anyway it must have been awful to him - or maybe he was quickly back but not in the same place...

  18. He stood directly behind me, idk what he did but I think he might have been a stalker type of guy.. he talked a lot with random ppl around him abt how he has been to like 20 concerts now and something… but idk tbh…

  19. The police girls actually stood next to me for a while before picking him, talking on the walky-talky (I assume with somebody checking the footage) and looking around. I though maybe he has a big camera but it seemed harsh to me to be removed from the concert for this.

  20. I'm confused - judging by the bad quality of the alley I would say that's in Norway, but the building style doesn't look like Nordic - so where is the photo taken?

  21. There aren’t that many sash windows in the whole of Norway, and there’s a yellow fire hydrant at the far left. Definitely North America.

  22. Thank you :) I'll have a look. Only problem with changing them is having to constantly buy more I supose. But it's worth it

  23. Actually the brand I use is 3M - they look the same but it seems 3M are more expensive.

  24. Background background background, your background here is very busy and not clean. Also the lighting seems a bit dark and not great in this scenario, you're in an alley though and it's gonna be dark. There's some light coming onto her face and that unevenness kinda clashes with the dark parts of the rest of her. But going back to background, try to choose cleaner settings with less stuff going on in it. You'll notice that giant red thing to the right of her, as well as the bright red object to her left too, and since she's kinda backlit from all that reflected light behind, her face gets a bit washed out in the photo as a result, which is fixable, but not as good as if it was well lit to begin with.

  25. People are very sensitive to variations in steps - the NZ building code allows for a maximum 5mm tolerance between risers for this reason, as you normally only lift your feet a few mm above the step.

  26. I've just checked and there is a difference of about 2'' / 5 cm to the next lower one. I'm amazed I didn't fall harder. Also the ones above have different highs but "just" 1-2 cm difference...

  27. you are telling me you have never noticed that before? I mean, you would see that the first time you go up the stairs! Absolutely Crappy design, hope you get it fixed , could cause a serious accident.

  28. It's just a rental property I arrived yesterday and leave tomorrow

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