1. Of course Bryan Cranston is in one of the MLB ads.

  2. Tim Anderson should have grabbed a rake and tried to get his hat while still staying on the SS side of the base. No rule against that.

  3. Which direction? Up your ass and to the left?

  4. A's players hit for the cycle on the road 3 times over a span of 15 days. No Braves player hit for the cycle on the road over a span of 114 years.

  5. What year/players did the A’s do this?

  6. 1933 - Cochrane, Foxx, and Higgins.

  7. They've all announced games with a fast-paced pitcher on the mound before. Now there's just more of those pitchers.

  8. There’s a setting on my Samsung tv that lets you watch at 1.25x speed. I set it to that and I’ve never gone back, if anything I consider moving up to 1.5 daily

  9. That's so cool. When you're watching the 9th inning, I'm still watching the 8th inning.

  10. It's probably pretty hard to identify. They probably use TOR to post from and change up the images pretty often so reddit can't use image matching. Reddit could probably use some AI sort of thing but that would probably return too many false positives so that's not good.

  11. Shouldn't it be very easy to block threads with the same title in the same sub? Or block a user from posting so often?

  12. Again with the understanding that extrapolating from a data set this small is a little silly, for the sake of silliiness:

  13. Here's a list of players with 5 doubles in one game:

  14. Umm am I missing it. The first line, 2 doubles, 3 triples, 4 hrs= total 7 hits but it says they had 14 hits for the game so the other 7 are singles…. It’s the same for all of them.

  15. They all hit singles, but none of them hit exactly 1 single.

  16. For a second I thought he needed hot water to take a number 1.

  17. Dylan Lee had a lot of airtime on the 3/11 show.

  18. Considering Spotify is a service and not a product it makes sense you can't find anything on eBay.

  19. Services often have merchandise and gift cards. There's a bunch of spotify stuff on ebay, despite the OP's search result.

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