1. That’s a beautiful piece of meat (no gay). Seriously, though, with all the highly questionable stuff that goes on in our food chain, I like this.

  2. At my elementary school, we had to make due with paste and pencil shavings. I’m so jealous.

  3. The flood control dams have contributed to the siltation as the floods no longer scour the bed. The large scale construction due to population growth and increased runoff from all the local area in the recharge zone has also contributed to the increasing pollution and turbidity of the upper watershed.

  4. Yeah it’s stupid. Clearly it doesn’t need that much protecting its overgrown

  5. It is. When I was snorkeling yesterday, the visibility was maybe 6-8 feet, at best, in most places. I saw one little bass and no native catfish. It was sad.

  6. Juiced, of course. But look at the current Mr. Olympia to see how much more potent modern steroids are. Not to say that it’s good. Just chemistry.

  7. There was in interesting story in Texas Monthly last year about how the cartels have taken control of human smuggling in Mexico. There was a quote from an academic about how the Mexican government used to control the cartels (and by control, she meant the government decided which cartels could do business and which individuals ran them) but now that dynamic has flipped and it’s the cartels who dictate what the government does.

  8. Not to judge, but how stupid are these people? Times change. Standards change. That was 50 years ago. How would those women have compared to what was acceptable or “normal” in the 1920s? The people who claim to be conservative are a pack of idiots.

  9. It was 80 out yesterday. That leather would have had me at the bottom of the lake

  10. Just think — he probably took several selfies and looked at this one and thought, “This…this is the one.”

  11. If only they’d stormed the building, beat up a cop or two, then posted pictures of themselves on social media trashing the place.

  12. I don’t know who was blessed with better genes, but these photos definitely show how much more powerful steroids have gotten since the 70s.

  13. One of the best pieces of advice I ever got: don’t approach the dock any faster than you’d want to hit it.

  14. This is when I take my foot off of the gas, and wave cheerfully and blow them a kiss. If I'm in the left lane, I get over, but veeeeeeeeeerrrrrrryyyy slowly.

  15. HEB is leaps and bounds ahead of any competitor in their market. Randall’s? Nah. Walmart? Gtfo. I’m waiting for the day that H‑E‑B makes a Sam’s/Costco style bulk store option.

  16. I don’t disagree that heb is better than their few competitors. But Walmart doesn’t even count — it’s like the third world. And Randall’s is so small they don’t really count either. And that’s the problem. Heb has no real competition, so they know that we’ll take whatever they give…and that’s the problem.

  17. They had plenty of competition up until about the early 2000s. No one could compete with them so they left. Texans chose HEB because it was miles better than the competition.

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