AITA for my husbands aunts tree being cut down?

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  1. Yepp, my twins (2) devoured a green salad last week because they saw us eat it. They also eat Döner Kebab and ketchup on toast, but it's definitely not just fast food - if your own habits set a good example!

  2. My toddler absolutely loves coleslaw. But here, we have it without mayonnaise in it, so it isn't sweet at all. If we are at a restaurant, he'll leave everything on the plate and eat everyones tomatoes and coleslaw.

  3. I think YWNBTA. I am sure, there are other friends or family to take her to hospital besides the Ex boyfriend who should spend that time with his child imo.

  4. The dog is definitely in a better place than if he were with OP. I hope, his sister can reunite with the dog, when she gets back.

  5. I am sure your super model wife and the 4 children who are setting out to start modelling soon will have clapped your back and congratulated you on that comment.

  6. This! I’m a SAHM to 2 and my husband and I regularly do “scavenger hunts” to clean up at the end of the day. It’s so easy to set something down and then get pulled away by a baby and forget or just never have time to go pick said thing up. Multiple that by one million during the day and the house is a mess, of course it is. When I was working FT with one kid it was even worse, and that’s with two parents sharing the load of housework!

  7. And let's not forget the glorious times, when toddler wants to "help" and brings the half full glass to the sink, dripping (in the best case) water through half the house... Or they help and put stuff somewhere, because they got distracted by a fluff of dust on the 50 centimetres from cupboard to sink and you find the thing a few days later on the dark side of the moon and wonder how it got there...

  8. Hahahaha. She uninvited you. You told her you wouldn't bring the cake (that is, pay for it imo) She didn't make sure the order was still up before picking it up. And you should have fought to get your money back after the wedding? I probably would have done the same. Or, if I had money to spare, changed the cake to have a big FUCK YOU on top :) OP is NTA, but bride and all others are...

  9. NTA. And I would say goodbye to MIL and husband... There were no lies on your part. Maybe not the most sensitive way to find out, as the baby topic seems to be a touchy one, but still.

  10. I wouldn't be so sure about when she gets an iphone or whatever and they get sweaters . that's the whole point of them agreeing what to buy so that the kids don't hate on the richer kid

  11. Yes but they are not agreeing - they are dictating. And that's wrong in my opinion. Let OP have a say what they should get their kids, too.

  12. I wonder, does OP get a say in what the other siblings are getting their children? Because - ohhh sorry, no Barbie for niece this year. Get her jeans instead.

  13. NTA all the way, but your update topped it all. Just so I get it right (and please excuse my lack of knowledge) - the white adoptive parents are pressuring OP not only into keeping the no-good couple in the house (after having kicked OP out of theirs), but are also insisting, they teach the (white) lady to bead the indigenous way, so she can make a side hustle out if it?

  14. He can’t grow the baby. My husband isn’t growing our baby, and he can’t nurse our baby. I expect him not to get trashed and be able to help me, but one beer or cocktail by a pool does not make him a bad partner or parent. Yes, they are both responsible for the child, but what’s he supposed to do right now? I can’t clean and stay in my feet for my pregnancy so he’s cleaned baseboards and cabinets and stuff like that. But he could drink a glass and manage that.

  15. I had a medical emergency with the baby, when he was smaller, needing to take him to hospital. My husband was out that night and when I told him, he said right away, he was coming home to come with us. I told him nicely that the only time I will take a drunk person to a hospital with me is when they have the emergency. That made him think (afterwards) and when the kiddo is not feeling well, husband stays off the beer. (It was just a pseudo croup by the way, but kiddo not being able to breathe and turning blue had me up in arms) I don't expect him to stay off any or all drinks, that is his choice and is fine with me, but I don't drink any alcohol and will excuse myself and leave when people around me get too drunk. (I was married to an alcoholic for long enough to stay off it for the resr of my life). And I am with you absolutely - one beer will not incapacitate him to the point of uselessness :)

  16. And when they do end you just slide down to the low road and are on a level with cousin dearest :)

  17. "im actually winning" says the person without a shred of worth to contribute to the world....

  18. Well, Italy really is worth looking up to, they are doing so great! Not. Wake up, OP, you are looking up to a racist Italian guy and prepared to eradicate your heritage for that. I am sure I have heard that before somewhere...

  19. NTA and you still have time to evaluate your relationship before the wedding... Are you sure you want to spend your life (or part of it) with someone who clearly disrespects your parent and your relationship with said parent? Who literally walks away from argument, because he can not see he might be in the wrong? Please, take your time alone and think about it long and hard.

  20. Hahaha, that is quick karma. No, don't give it to him, he can replace the one that broke. Plus, send him the screenshots of himself, saying he wouldn't give "his" back to you. He made the rules, he can play by them. You know, play stupid games, win stupid prizes... Also OP is definitely NTA

  21. I was about to say that, I prefer lavender sticks to anything else now a days.

  22. This really isn't one you want to have on your tongue.

  23. No we can’t replant the tree. We can plant a new one and try and do better in the future. My dad said he wouldn’t have cut down the tree if he had known it’s sentimental aspect. It was a mistake. I do feel like his ain’t ghosting is is not ok we should be able to sit down and have a conversation about it.

  24. Sentimental aspect or no, that doesn't matter. It is her property, and she said no. And I hope she sues you and your parents for damages. Because sentimental value or not, a grown tree has value and quite a bit at that, so better keep some money from selling the house for that...

  25. Here goes the "sometimes it's better to ask for forgiveness afterwards, than ask for permission before" saying.

  26. That phrasing really rubbed me the wrong way.. It's a funeral, it's not supposed to be entertainment! If she won't attend a funeral at 18 because she'd be bored there is something not right here

  27. My brother's children were about 14 and 10 when my mom died, my own were 15 and 11. Both my children attended (my son had a cast up to his hip, too, at the time), my brothers didn't, because "they didn't feel like going". I am still angry over this 7 years later, whenever I think about it

  28. The one thing people are missing is illustrated in this comment. Your kids are about the same age, guessing you and your brother are as well. The sister is 10 years older, and the cousins are 13 years apart and live in different states. It’s not clear to me that the dead cousin really knew the family, other than the occasional family reunion. I mean, i have cousins that may be dead, I have no idea. I think someone would have mentioned it to me, but not positive.

  29. Things happen in life - low contact, no contact, far apart, different states, different countries, no money for flights, whatever. No one to be blamed for not attending weddings, funerals, etc . What rubs me the wrong way with OP is the "being bored" as reason not to go there...

  30. So sorry for your loss, even if it has been 20 years. Have you tried lucid dreaming? That way you can steer your dreams and maybe talk to your grandmother - I think maybe you (think) you need her blessing to be comfortable with your gift. Sounds like a block to me, at least.

  31. I have handled the same customer named Harry Potter twice when I worked in retail, at different companies. The first time he gave me his license while saying “don’t say anything”. That was in a store with a lot of kids in it. The second time he didn’t say anything (and did not recognize me), but we were in a more grown-up setting. And he was in his 40’s when the books came out.

  32. My last name used to be Lechner (german speaking country). Was telling everyone my son would be named Hannibal. (And no, I wasn't seriously considering it, but the look on most people was hilarious)

  33. If I were the husband, I'd cancel the doctors appointment and make one with a lawyer instead...

  34. But the kids is also Julia’s kid or are you talking about the adopted kid?

  35. Yes, he is Julias son, too. But from the sound of it all, she has no say in where he should or shouldn't be, but rather OPs brother has full custody. So he gets to decide, I guess. And if he says all go or no one, then that's the way it is

  36. Maybe is on his day of custody and still he is not obligated to let him go. Idk ESH actually, but seeing your ex with the man he cheated on you and his kid is not comfortable for anyone, imagine if Julia was the cheater, everyone would say to let her go because she’s just a friend and not blood

  37. Yes well, I am different then. I consider my friends who I could always rely on more important than just blood. But that's just me. And my brother and sister are not invited to my wedding. I think OP is in a tough spot. But she has to choose - it is either brother and his whole family, or best friend. Nothing in between, it looks like.

  38. Does anyone have a pet safe alternative? I’ve been wanting to try this but don’t want to blow herbs onto the floor that my pets can get to. Or would a money spell on the first of the month have the same affect?

  39. Every case is different so I can only answer this from my own experience with an ED. Short answer is yes. Part of the treatment is similar to addiction recovery, in that you want to remove/avoid intense triggers until you can (with the help of therapy or medication) reintroduce them at a healthy pace. Sometimes, reintroduction or acclimation is not possible, as every recovery process is different. There are certain foods/smells that I just can’t be near because it brings me back to that headspace.

  40. You do realise, that the wife is not only growing an person, but has a serious medical condition, hence the bedrest... ?

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