1. I went to Dreamstate and traded aor my kandi on my right arm the first 5 min into the show, I just wanted the people around me to feel safe with me as their plur neighbor and the vibes were also immaculate. Everyone I traded with had nothing to trade back and that was okay!! They were so grateful 😭 I also got a light show from a gal at one of the stages and I gave her my last bracelet and she gave me one in return just for feeling grateful 🥲 idk I’ve traded ALOT this year, even at edc

  2. YESSS WELCOME TO THE TRIBEEEEEE 🫶🏽 aunt Unz is defff an All time fav and honestly my boyfriend and I were shocked he played it but so happy he did haha

  3. Anyone have good videos posted ?

  4. I’m going to be honest, my boyfriend and I always keep our phones out while attending. We try to be in the moment as much as possible

  5. No. I use to say that I would because that’s how I grew up but honestly no. I don’t want to hit my kids. They just have a lot of feelings and don’t know how to express themselves.

  6. This is why harm reduction is so important. He definitely did not need two tabs. He probably would’ve been perfect with 1 or even half to enjoy himself

  7. If I was working this event I would’ve field sedated him for being aggressive because it can get really bad.

  8. I dont get why people dont invest in one instead of having to pay hundreds, thousands, for whatever they get stolen. It makes no sense. Someone made a solution for stealing, or at least to make it harder, i don’t understand why everyone doesn’t have one yet they complain about shit being stolen.

  9. Inglewood, CA VIP KARMA IS MY boyfriend Package Floor seats row 10 (2) tickets each ticket was 749.00 and fees were $116.60 so each ticket was approximately $865.60 for a grand total of $1,731.20 for both 😭

  10. Idk where you’re at but in Riverside CAlifornia they would rather have an ADN from RCC then a BSN from CBU at the hospital lol guess it depends on quality education tbh

  11. SECURED FINALLY AFTER 2 hours of waiting 🫶🏽 section FL-E Row 10 seats 13 and 14. Me and my brother got seats behind and in front of each other 😭 so excited !!!!! 💗

  12. Just to add I don’t think she’s ever flowed before so the fibers were going CRAY haha

  13. Whatever you usually order to drink, request chocolate cream cold foam on the side in a short cup.

  14. Been to a lot of fests/shows, and I promise you this, Lane 8 fans are unmatched, and mostly they are there for the music. Vibes unmatched. Feel free to do/be anyway you like, you are welcome just as you are. Can't wait to see you all out there.

  15. If there’s parking at union station definitely!

  16. My idea of a rave mom/rave dad is someone who brings others into the rave scene. Teaches them PLUR, how to trade kandi/make kandi. Personalizes their first rave experience. Teaches them rave etiquette. Introduces them to many different artists. Teaches them how to set meet spots and communicate if lost, how to protect their personal items. I just remeber honestly taking my boyfriend to his first EDC and he had an amazing time because of me. I even kept his phone for him. Lol

  17. No seriously though 😭😭😭 I’m very selective as to who I take on as a rave baby. I worked GC for Escape and a group of girls brought a girl up to us who they found passed out on the pavement. Drunk. I took her to medical obv. Because she needed fluids to snap back into reality. But when I asked her how old she was she said she was 18😭😭😭😭 I nearly cried 😢

  18. I’m saving my money for EDC and I’m just working w/GC for this event 🫶🏽 I’m camping for EDC so I want to save 🤍

  19. The consciousness group is at insomniac events. They have a booth where they welcome sober ravers to come in and hang out whenever ! They also offer goodies 🫶🏽

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