People who are pro-gun, why?

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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. You can escape the dungeon without using portals, on the upper level are metalbar doors which open at some point

  2. i opened one of these doors and rocks fell on me and I died, so I'm unsure if that was the correct door LOL. Still havent found this extract.

  3. The issue is very often i am the last person standing and cannot get a portal so I just die to the darkness, has happened over 10 times easily.

  4. I do fine, 80% of my deaths are the "never got a portal". Still can't find the dedicated extract:(

  5. Stella has a medical condition and Thor is slightly overweight (he just had his vet appt last week) but not obese. I’m sure you have the ideal body yourself 😏

  6. I'm sorry, but as someone with 3 dogs it's so easy to control your animals weight compared to your own. Because you are literally feeding and monitoring them constantly and have every say in their daily ingestion. The dogs look happy and like they had fun - that's all well but they are CLEARLY overweight and it's not funny.

  7. I lived in a neighborhood infested with poltergeists. Not just me, but several neighbors had them in their houses. Loud noises, appliances turning on, getting touched by invisible hands, and orbs etc. When I moved away, most of it stopped. Aside from a couple UFO sightings at my new location, I felt much better. I still wonder though if they followed me for a couple years after as I had strange noises in my head while waking that I never understood.

  8. not a conservative by any means, but nothing about this is incorrect. It just targets the wrong audience in a poor way.

  9. I am posting to state I take this very seriously and volunteer to be a moderator.

  10. I did this when I knew it was my final final run before the test is over, maybe you got me!

  11. No there are plenty of people on this sub that grow on oak blocks

  12. any proof of this would be cool. I've been here for a while and I feel like a home cultivated CoW post would have caught my attention.

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