1. Dorango's in Bandra might have opportunities. They are a popular stand up comedy venue in Bandra next to Candies Pali Hill

  2. You have 3 options of operators for ferries from Gateway of India to Mandwa - PNP, Maldar and Ajanta. PNP recommended. They also have a bus service from Mandwa Jetty to Alibag town. Since you're going to a party mansion, it may not be all the way near Alibag town. So you might have to get off at a different stop in between Mandwa and Alibag. The bus conductors are friendly enough to announce the stop if you tell them before boarding the bus where you have to get down.

  3. This is Simba, he has his own way of resting lol

  4. Yoh bat sun de accha nahi laga. Paani mera bhi jaan hai bandhu paar aap zada daru mat piye. Paar kabhi kabhi pina chahiye.

  5. Aapko kaise pata chala maine weekend pe bahut sari daru pi? XD

  6. Ek dam barhiya. Pani aur Doodh hamesha pine bhulna mat.

  7. Doodh se takleef hoti hai. Paani toh jaan hai bandhu. Waise, yahaan bhi sab badhiya chal ra

  8. I am a fool because I'm applying for a PhD more out of fear of my career growth than actually wanting to do it

  9. Hey OP, I don't know if this information is helpful but there's an organisation based out of Mumbai that does matrimonial events for PWD once a year where people with and without disabilities both come together (but it's focused on PWD and the number of non-disabled people is less). Let me know if you want to know more

  10. Freelance theatre artist, arts manager and educator. I work on at least 2-3 projects at a time. 2022-23 has been good enough with ~6.5L so far but trying to find more stable sources of income as some of the projects I did were one-off projects and may not happen again except for one which I've almost been hired for.

  11. Grow it at home and make it. Sasta and tikau. The flower itself doesn't have a taste so you can customise it with your favourite spices. I use cloves and ginger while boiling and while serving add lemon, the colour changes from purple to blue

  12. 20+ is 21 … 40 is also 20+ .. we need specifics

  13. I stopped counting after 2016. But I don't think the body count must be more than 40

  14. I used to do this too in college!! Recently I did this on my 27th birthday because I had a lot of time to kill because plans got cancelled. Was cranky when I boarded the bus and 2 stops later I'd forgotten all about it...

  15. Buses and trains can be very calming no? Provided you get a seat

  16. Yes. On the train I still find my calm standing but on buses, no. Must grab a seat!

  17. Have you asked him if he's okay and/or needs some space? Might be dealing with something he may not want to get you involved in.

  18. Have you asked him if he's okay and/or needs some space? Might be dealing with something he may not want to get you involved in.

  19. This was my first KGAF :') miss those vibes and the actual street festival. I don't go there anymore unless I'm performing

  20. Single, looking for someone not something. I'm realising that it's more about the person than the definition of the relationship. So, basically, not meeting people with the agenda to get into a relationship but meeting people to really understand if who you want to spend more time with and then define things. Not sure if that makes sense 🤷🏽‍♀️

  21. Kardo woh sab Jo ab Tak nahi Kiya par socha hai

  22. Bas yehi Monday Motivation chahiye tha iss Friday ko (NGL I really thought today was Monday)

  23. The beat, flow and groove to some extent, mera thoda old school vibes ki taraf inclination hai, kal se Shaktiman repeat pe chal raha hai

  24. Yogalates with Rashmi. Been following her yoga and Pilates tutorials and workouts since 2020 and it has been very helpful to build flexibility and strength.

  25. It took an hour. Although the place is very small. The educator was nice to listen to so didn't even realise how time went by!

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