1. Some people like to think the dumpee is the only one hurt by a breakup, but it can hurt the dumper just as much.

  2. I always just assumed it came from the description of James in the books, coupled with the fact that England and India are tightly linked from colonial times. Meaning, there's nothing that specifically rules out his being Indian, so why not.

  3. James is clearly white in the books. Harry makes a point to differentiate skin color.

  4. News flash: people from India can have light skin.

  5. Not personally, but that is a very (very) common symptom.

  6. First, know that it's probably not you. Things like depression and worry can manifest as anger. She's probably got other stuff going on, and is lashing out.

  7. She has been stressed and I think that’s playing a part and I’ve asked her if she’s okay. I even let her vent to me and it’s clear something is wrong but when I need a break, she uses every mistake I’ve done against me and says “well, you’ve hurt me more so this isn’t unfair.” And I just have to constantly be there for her or else she goes off the rails. I even explained to her that I cannot deal with her issues because I have my own but she doesn’t respect that at all. We talked more after I posted this and we’re taking a long break, a part of me hopes that this is the end so I don’t have to deal with her abuse again. I’m honestly scared of her sometimes.

  8. Then I think a break is a fantastic idea. Regardless where her attitude is coming from, she's not handling her issues maturely at all. Maybe some time away will force her to grow up and realize what a good friend she had.

  9. Are you absolutely set on the Windsor? I recommend the four-in-hand.

  10. I like the half Windsor myself, but agree, that was my first thought too: different knot.

  11. Oh, Sweetheart, I'm so sorry. I don't know that there's a lot I'm afraid of these days, but getting Alzheimers is definitely on the list. No wonder you're devastated.

  12. Hmm. There's lots I could say, but this is off the top of my head.

  13. Your mom doesn't trust therapy, but if you do, that's my advice: get some for yourself.

  14. You're allowed to draw your lines wherever you want, and you're not obligated to give second (third, fourth...) chances. Read your last line to yourself whenever you start to waver, and remember that this is manipulation, what she's doing.

  15. Start either when the fuzz turns into real hair or when it's fuzzy enough to be visible to others. Be aware, you might just start out with a single follicle here or there that produces actual whiskers. Don't worry, it happens that way with teenagers too.

  16. Smell his breath. Fruity breath can be a sign of uncontrolled diabetes; if it's coming from his breath, he should go to the doctor quickly.

  17. Find someone willing to work on a trial basis. Think about what metrics you want to use to gauge their usefulness (views, impressions, orders, revenue...) and try them for a month or so and see if having them makes business sense.

  18. It's a cellar spider. They're the best sort of spider roommate; they'll eat dangerous or destructive intruders and leave you alone entirely.

  19. Why an antidepressant? What benefit will it give for my kitty?

  20. A major side effect of that particular one is appetite stimulation. strong appetite stimulation. It's a lifesaver...though not suitable in all cases. Like, if there's a blockage, it'll just make it worse.

  21. Yes I’m going to call in the morning and try to get her in

  22. Dad love? You've got it. Right here, kid. As much as you can take.

  23. Coffee is my favorite too. Hands down.

  24. Have a wank. If you can't finish, or if you do and it doesn't work to get it to go soft, go to the hospital so they can drain it.

  25. Write the fic. Read it a few times. Tweak it until it's as good as you can get it.

  26. You can check the nutrition facts, but I'd be willing to bet Meow Mix is lower, maybe much lower, in protein. It could also be lower in calories gram for gram. Both will affect hunger.

  27. Oh, Sweetheart, I'm so sorry you've got all this piled on you.

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