1. I use WinRar to rename contents of Torrent rar files to make the rest of my script work more efficiently:

  2. He should have just gone to the left on that G. Wilson play. It was completely open IIRC. I know he's not the fastest QB, but I'm pretty sure he could have made it to the line.

  3. I used The Funding Store in Saratoga. My property was in Saratoga county though. They had the best rates, and were very quick to close. Will be using them again once my FHA 1 year occupancy requirement is up in September for my next property.

  4. I moved from Saratoga County (Clifton Park) in March 2021 to Tampa, FL and have been lurking here learning...still have family up there. Would you recommend starting out in FL or get some stuff in the capital region? Part of me wants the latter because while yes property taxes are higher up there, HO insurance costs, etc. are FAR cheaper (no floods, no hurricanes, etc.).

  5. Nice, I’m very familiar with Clifton Park. I’ve lived there for many years.

  6. Yep, I would only consider Saratoga county if starting up there. When we were buying our Belmonte house up there we looked at Albany County and Rens. County and the differences in taxes were astounding.

  7. I had 2Gig service for about 2 months but didn't like that I had to use Frontier's router with a MoCA adapter workaround for it (and none of the aftermarket ones tickled my fancy as they all look gaudy) so I downgraded to 1Gig and got some Asus ZenWiFi ET8s (2-pack) to pair it with. In both cases (1Gig and 2Gig), my ping is 8-11ms on PC.

  8. so, I have a MoCA adapter in my network setup as well, and Im wondering if that is the culprit for the ping. but i could be wrong

  9. I don't think it is as when I had it, my ping at my PC was 9ms. But in my case, the MoCA was feeding my switch, not my console.

  10. Please. Make it happen. Get rid of that contract. He's an okay player, but he is not worth the money he is being paid. $15M/yr guy. Riley was NUTS giving him nearly $30M.

  11. Mr. 300 could have won the game had he just ran the ball the left on that play where Wilson couldn't get to his spot.

  12. "Years ahead of schedule" isn't a great metric when QB is still a massive question mark. If we aren't able to lock up reliably good QB play for 2023, there's a strong chance we're clawing back up just to get to 8 or 9 wins next season

  13. I thought Mike White did quite well today all things considered. It's only his 5th game starting. I'm lovin the guy. That was a winnable game, in December, against a 9-2 team. It hurt to lose that way, but I'm lovin this team.

  14. I used to support/use Lotus Notes and Novell when I first started out back in 2005...but none of the others on this list. Am I an elder? I'm in my mid 30's and already 15+ years into my career (first IT job at 18) lol.

  15. Jimmy is on crack. This team is not a championship team. Not unless the Monstars return from Moron Mountain and give Duncan his game back, etc.

  16. What a day when the business is ransomed and she pulls out the backups. 300 pages of floppy disk pictures.

  17. I've been DIY'in my maintenance for nearly 20 years (only Infiniti's and Nissan's though and my motorcycles) and I've never seen such a thing. What types of cars do these come on?

  18. Yep, it's difficult, which is why I've just resorted to copying all of my movies and shows to my phone directly via USB cable before long trips.

  19. I returned my Nest WiFi Pro 3 Pack (coming from Nest WiFi 3-pack) and went with ASUS ZenWiFi ET8 2-pack.

  20. Interesting. I 'downgraded' back to my original Nest WiFi and my connection is vastly better as well. I'm returning the Pros. Very disappointed.

  21. I still have my originals that I'm trying to sell but yes, the Pro's were not a good buy. And to think they removed features (speakers/GA support). Ridiculous.

  22. Yes, I'm. But not flying right now. We have a little bit blackout in Ukraine. So I planned to finish my World Trip after our victory. May be in 2023.

  23. Glad to see you're still safe my fellow Ukrainian! Stay safe!

  24. SSD so assuming it's 2.5"...won't fit in my 3.5" storage case thing. Thank you though!

  25. We hear you loud and clear. We have been working on resolving these audio issues and we promise we will get to the bottom of it sooner rather than later. For now, we appreciate your patience. An app like SignalRGB has so many gears that need greasing and we're constantly trying to improve.

  26. I’ve had no problem with the Audio visualization at all other than with my MSI GeForce 1660 GPU being laggy with Signal saying it’s a firmware issue that they’ve yet to fix. All my other parts are Corsair and look better Audio wise in Signal than in iCUE. With iCUE it seems to pick up barely any audio when using Spotify and stuff. At least with Signal I can boost the audio detection. Can’t do that with iCUE. In terms of actual visual part itself…. I will say iCUE is better in the fact that you can just mess around and do some fun stuff but I like all my parts reacting wit audio and you can’t do that in iCUE unless you have Corsair headphones as your main audio output. Their words… so only my fans and cooler reacting is to me a waste.

  27. It's probably 50/50 based on your audio device if this happens. I've seen enough posts on other threads where this is clearly an issue, but maybe for only certain brands of audio devices (I have an older Sound Blaster Audigy 5/RX for example - but iCue and Wallpaper Engine have no issues with it for their music sync features).

  28. WHYYYYYYY!? Let Mike do it until he can't! Why force Zach in there just to save face that you aren't sitting the #2 pick. Hello! #2 picks can be busts!

  29. Looks like you’re going to start flying out of St. Pete/Clearwater.

  30. Not a Hue Sync user but...will this allow me to create scene's on my PC? Does it allow for HEX color code inputs?

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