2. I can’t explain why but every single part of this image is causing me physical pain. Like- I am going into shock from looking at this too long

  3. gave me literal chills. That man is truly a psycho

  4. Murder stream was a classic back in 2024. Almost as good as the hamster stream

  5. Sherma895 is one of many cheap bootleg Jermas. Still potentially dangerous, but probably not lethal

  6. Love how you describe him as “probably not lethal” like it’s a prescription drug

  7. Jerma fans are all experiencing a shared hallucination.

  8. thank god it’s not game used. I got mine and had to wash for hours.

  9. Because there’s a strange amount of people who wanna defend Mineta for some reason I dunno

  10. There are characters who have far better development than him and suffer consequences for their actions. And why do people like you always immediately jump to the "it is just a fictional character" statement? Fiction can be criticized.

  11. Because it is? He’s not real. And yet he comes off as more realistic than a lot of other MHA characters. At least he’s a complex character unlike… Pretty much every other member of UA

  12. Because not everyone is a perfect uwu cinnamon roll protagonist with no flaws. Bad people exist and also have stories to tell. The fact that you don’t understand that is kinda telling

  13. HES SO OLD I FEEL SO BAD FOR HIM. hahHAHAHA Good thing he steals the life essence of his fans!

  14. b birthday boy :D (hope he doesn’t kill me)

  15. gerema 975 doesnf doesn’t know what boobs are! What a silly guy, he is p perplexed. HAH

  16. Anyone other than Chima. My god. I’d prefer Ameri (and she’ll probably be the one to become his love interest) but i wouldn’t mind Clara or like any other character. Though we all know Asmodeus is true best girl

  17. I actually respect this so much. Can’t believe a serial killer has the most down to earth take on everything

  18. Yea, starting to think this serial killer guy isn’t so bad after all

  19. Maybe he was right and the real psycho was the friends we made along the way.

  20. pretty sure the word “Boku” just means “my” in japanese. Or at least Boku No does. So it’s pretty unlikely that it would show up with Boku No Pico regardless. It would more like show Boku No Hero Academia which is much more popular!

  21. It's what all trans people strive for to be able to morph their bodies in the ways that Jerma does

  22. Jerma Fans are what happen when you drop a brick on a child’s head and instead of getting a concussion the child looks down at the brick and eats it.

  23. wait how did u know that happened to me?

  24. Jerma talked about it on stream. He has a live feed of the entire life of every one of his viewers. You must have missed when he mentioned you!

  25. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Sakamoto Days SLAPS. If this manga ever gets an anime adaptation it will easily become a must-watch for the season. If it manages more than 1 season than I see it becoming a classic.

  26. Are the steins gate visual novels still a unique experience after having seen the anime?

  27. The House in Fata Morgana is $12 now on steam with %50. It's the 8th highest rated vn on vndb

  28. Disliking a woman because she’s a woman = Incel

  29. i’m talking about pokimane a drama in general, not the response to the episode LOL

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