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  1. The Short Eye Screws sounds like a zany Laurel and Hardy film.

  2. My thanksgiving isn’t ruined but my pumpkin pie is, because I mistakenly used pancake mix instead of flour to make the crust. I know, wtf is wrong with me, but the containers look exactly the same unless you actually read the lettering.

  3. Holy hotdogs I can eat the vape waste an it will actully get me high????

  4. Your poops gonna smell like straight weed for the next few shits

  5. Both will work, the pressure setting will do it faster but the texture/moisture will be slightly inferior. The slow cooker setting is the same as a crock pot

  6. The slow cooker setting is nowhere near the same as an actual slow cooker. There is near universal agreement that the slow cooker settings are the worst part about the instant pot.

  7. Could you elaborate as to why and how the food differs from a slow cooker to food cooked in the IP on ‘slow cook’ please?

  8. Primarily, a slow cooker surrounds the crock with heating elements. The IP only heats from the bottom, making temps less stable. Although once I figured out pressure cooking, I abandoned my slow cooker. Chuck roast and pork shoulder fall apart at an hour of cook time, chicken in less than half that.

  9. It amazes me how many times I see a commercial for the show I am watching during the show I am watching. You think they'd filter that; seems like spending money to preach to the choir.

  10. Audience retention. It’s intentional and it doesn’t cost them anything to run promos on their own channel.

  11. That’s assuming an unheard of 100% sales rate which never happens. They run promos when they aren’t sold out. Source: a lifetime working in broadcasting.

  12. Readily available in Morrisons on the 2 for £8 offer my man

  13. This is absolutely disgusting but a girlfriend of mine suspected her boyfriend was cheating on her, so she insisted on smelling his penis when he got home, before he could shower. Unfortunately, he was cheating.

  14. Why would they film that? Looks Kind of Fake to me...

  15. Feels as fake as that pro-Russian demonstration with the singing marchers that was previously posted.

  16. It’s hard to imagine the mental gymnastics it takes to believe in a god that cares about what’s on a license plate. Yikes.

  17. They heard they were made in his image, so they assume gawd is a petty little bitch, too.

  18. Not amazed in the slightest. Can I repost it next?

  19. Right? That taste is unmatched, even in the cleanest of bowls.

  20. Let’s be honest. They’re paid to act. Edit: “But it’s real to me!”

  21. The difference between a whore and a slut? A whore will fuck anyone. A slut will fuck anyone but me.

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