My mom died this morning. She was awful to me my whole life so I don’t know how to feel. I lit this candle and a J to think about it. Have one with me?

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  1. Well it doesn’t sound like you went to art school which is where stuff like this is more well known. You probably didn’t learn the same stuff I learned at music school.

  2. Honest question: What was going through your mind right before you hit ‘post’? You typed out your response, likely read it back to yourself, and thought…what? Help us understand.

  3. Yeah taking forever is a huge pet peeve of mine. Takes me two seconds to set my dice and throw. Like I said, not trying to "dice influence" just a small ritual

  4. Just admit you think it has an effect. This “I don’t believe it but I kinda do” dance is hilarious.

  5. It’s perfectly ok to experience relief at this moment. Allow yourself.

  6. A Broadway Bridge has use, but I hope another bridge further south is being considered for the future.

  7. Southport would be much more attractive option with a bridge nearby. It’s such a hike to get to.

  8. Also, it's a conflict of interest for the neighbors in so many ways. Maybe they just want the sale to happen so the home values go up and there's a better comp for when they sell. I mean, that's basically what I would do personally.

  9. It’s no conflict of interest for the neighbor. They have no standing in the transaction.

  10. He was Bourdain’s buddy. He’s very much a chef regardless of what you think of his opinions.

  11. What gets me is how many people there are just ignoring the chaos and going about their business as if it wasn’t happening

  12. I once tried to expose a person who was cheating on his wife with my gf who was also his gf,he turned his kids against me.he turned the church against me and told them I was just making it all in the end I was rejected from that church There's more to the story but that's the shortest easy version I can come up with.i liked that church but they voted against me.they claimed they "knew" him and etc and it wasn't possible he could be that way.i saw him in church and I also saw him out of church. 2 different ppl at times.i wasted so much time trying to convince them.but again they said I was no more there

  13. I love this fearless dude who has a need for speed! I think he’s riding in the Mojave desert

  14. It’s a pulsejet. It starts with propane and he switches to diesel once it’s powered up.

  15. They have this at Harrahs northern California, it is great. Especially when all 30 seats are taken and everyone is playing. The vibe is great. Plus you can play other games live too.

  16. Is this in Ione? I’ve never heard of it and go fishing there frequently. Is it a form of card craps?

  17. This is delusion on a spectacular scale. So the aborted fetuses get artificially aged into children (what age?) and then stay that way for eternity, or do they age later into adults?

  18. And why was Buddy J reading them stories? Does the son of gawd also require a TelePrompTer?

  19. It's not a misdemeanor to smoke in public there?

  20. I mean…technically maybe. But it is San Francisco, home of the Haight. Nobody has cared, likely ever.

  21. I’m just here for the mouthbreathers to post lame-ass, unoriginal Taco Bell jokes.

  22. How I feel when those chucklefucks post the inevitable “hurr durr Taco Bell” garbage:

  23. Thanks for the laugh. No almost had me believing you there for a minute. You sounded just like one of those hot-lead nutters. Pew pew, right?

  24. Pardon my question but, I am not from USA (assuming that is where the commercial is about due to the news about shootings all the time but) Is this commercial like, normal? I see it and I can't imagine it being online or on TV. Sorry if my question offends anyone just, I am legit curious.

  25. Not offensive at all. I doubt this was ever actually broadcast, but was made to draw attention to the banality of our response to these shootings. Frankly, we should be offended by the reality of it.

  26. It’s been so long, I’m not sure I remember what it tastes like.

  27. I did a few hours of work once at a Hershey’s chocolate plant. Vats and vats of semi-molten chocolate in a very warm factory. The chocolate smell was so thick it stuck to your clothes and hair. Low-grade nausea after an hour. These vids reignite that feeling.

  28. No point, just grotesque consumption

  29. If you count them as songs any of the spoken narrative type songs by Tom Waits.

  30. Waits’ “Early Years” Volume 1 & 2 are pretty much all great narratives.

  31. Paradise by the Dashboard Light - Meatloaf

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