1. What is there to say about RTG? There are no strategies, nothing interesting about the event or the cards, it's just there.

  2. u dont need to all those matches with pairs below the current tier just leveling them to max and combine them for gold star

  3. What do you mean by current tier? You mean my own tier or the latest in the game? And why do you think i should level them if it's only for the gold star?

  4. the highest tier at the time, higher stats move u closer to the next tier

  5. i feel this should be a common thing by now since 90% of the time people keep there terrible shit they've said up.

  6. can you only disenchant these exlusive picks glitch

  7. did anyone see the braun pic they had up for lms?

  8. you think they would have front loaded these passes to get the community back<.<

  9. like, imma say it, Disney remakes are always bad, they miss the point like the Lion king and Pinocchio remakes and are a way to capitalize on an actual good original movie and nostalgia bait, and people are starting to catch on to this cheap cash grab.

  10. if people didnt care they wont make them

  11. I see your points, sure the actor is more important to depict the character rather than it being judged on their race. But for example, a character as recognizable Ariel, it’s weird to see a big physical change like that. A better example is like, Miles Morales. Now Miles is Spider-Man, but he isn’t THE Spider-Man, the one we usually think of when hear the name Spider-Man. Miles is a great character and is one of my favorites when it comes to Spider-Man lore, but they didn’t need to change Peter black, they made Miles his own character and one that profited so much more out of it rather than just being the black version of Peter. Or like let’s say they made the superman a different race or like blonde or smthn (I know there are supermen with different races in dc, but I’m talking about the original.) Superman is so iconic that people see him in a specific way. Imagine in the next superman movie they made him blonde, or he was like Hispanic. It feels off. But that’s my opinion, if you have a different one that’s fine, I was just sharing mine.

  12. depending on there generation miles is there spiderman, john sweatrt kyle raner is there gl.those characters didnt disapearr from history beacuse someone decided to make there world more diverse.

  13. the BP could get worse with every season

  14. are the ninas still bugged to no damage

  15. I've never seen packs that are unsealed on the corners like that..

  16. Could you expand on what Cabana has done. As someone who didn’t really follow the indies recently, Cabana to me has always been a lower-card comedy act.

  17. set the blue print on how to make money as a indy wrestler, helped wrestlers set up there own stores

  18. i have 400 credits , when should i start using them?

  19. both these events can be done without credits,a womens events usually means there's a new tier coming and u should save for that

  20. This all makes me wonder why KS turned the keys over to Mike in the first place unless Walt was ready to hang it up.

  21. wasn't he doing all the legwork for the store per walt, so it makes sense

  22. it boggles my mind in this brazen era, any lgs would have any high end items on site.

  23. bio and lower just need to be leveled to 30 to get perfect pro

  24. two of the same cards bio and below just need to be leved to 30 to be perfect prod,whats the miscommunication? Edge cards only need the 100 match's.

  25. 80 dollar box with a 11percent increase, go somewhere else

  26. i wondering why my ninas were getting rolled on in tower

  27. theres a couple in the catalog with a blue nba logo in the background i wonder were those come from

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