What's your ultimate sexual fantasy?

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i hate what camping has become

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  1. Nah it's heen decades or centuries. If you look at the item descriptions it kind of tell us this. Such as the coded sword. Here's the text word for word. "Hidden sword once granted to the Tarnished of the Roundtable by the Two Fingers. A formless cipher comprises its blade, which deals holy damage no shield can repel. Champions would gather at the Roundtable Hold in days long past, when the Two Fingers were masters of oration, their flesh yet full of vigor."

  2. Days long past is a phrase that can be used to refer to someone’s childhood or former life.

  3. Why do you need nudity in some movies when you can just attend pride every year and see the real shit?

  4. Just out of curiosity- did people often mispronounce your former name? My husband’s name is Tareq (he’s 1/2 Syrian) and we both love his name but are annoyed that so many people can’t pronounce it correctly even after being told multiple times 😭 was this at all a factor to changing your name?

  5. In all honesty, I’ve seen these variants in my life:

  6. The beauty of 1 & 0, is that it is an artificial recreation of matter & not matter.

  7. Would it make you even madder to know that I'm inherently lazy but also happy and successful?

  8. You realize one can be inherently productive too, but also happy and successful yes?

  9. Man, this is really an unpopular opinion that I disagree with whole heartedly.

  10. Is it really even a vaccine, since you need 5 shots of it, and it still doesn't prevent the disease?

  11. If that is stealing then I am a serial thief

  12. Porchers* no need to go calling people monkeys

  13. It's been so long, I really can't remember. Maybe half the size of a pencil eraser? It protruded out several mm. They did a deep excision to remove it. Not sure whether I'd do the same now since there are other methods of mole removal.

  14. Thanks for answering her - the derms keep saying better healing if done younger, were you in your 20s when you did it?

  15. You’re never going to be answered

  16. It's really difficult for me to read this and assume the person is not insecure.

  17. Judging the past with current morals is as idiotic as it sounds

  18. jeg er ikke dansker men jeg følte det samme då jeg så det første gang

  19. I'll never get tired of the intro music

  20. Unpopular opinion: I know I’ll get downvoted to hell but it sounds stereotypical and very lame to me compared to other intros.

  21. Thought the same, which is why I repress them. I believe in celebrating achievements.

  22. Big hugs and a happy birthday to you, my friend.

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