1. Having a few hours of rough sex followed by getting hot chocolate made for me (with milk, of course), cuddles, and heaps of praise is completely worth not being able to lift more than 40 lbs on my own

  2. Previous consensus when this was posted before was that this is what a flock of birds looks like illuminated from bright lights below. That seems like a reasonable explanation.

  3. A species could only be a Lazarus Spe ies if they're all ready known to exist. So the dire wolf, sure it could be, don't know about high probability. Bigfoot and DogMan... not Lazarus species.

  4. It depends if Bigfoot is a type of Hominid specie that we have in our fossil records.

  5. The dog wasn't startled. I would expect it to jump if a large rock landed out of nowhere.

  6. He did look around, most dogs don’t jump at that, but it is weird that it didn’t bark-

  7. Meh not necessarily some dogs don’t bark. My 6 yr old American bulldog has barked twice in his entire life and both times he was a pup wanting a treat. Dogs are like people they all have different personalities. some don’t bark some only bark when they feel They have to others don’t stop barking

  8. Wow, that's amazing, watch out your reactor so doesn't overheat( already ruined 7-8 skyblocks with that one)

  9. Very cool, but what's your beef with cleaning up the walls?

  10. *very WIP* lmao, just haven't gotten to it yet. I'll post an update when I do!

  11. Are they on any other mediums/socials? Gotta be honest I don't really do discord but I'm interested

  12. zurx says:

    Sooo asking just for fun, you all know anything about the pyramid Tom Delonge mentioned a while back?

  13. Haha yes we've heard of it, but we haven't investigated it at all. Some of the members in the group have on their own time, but no assignments have been given relating to that

  14. This group studies a helluva lot, but also UAPs and UFOs. They also try to only find factual information, never just blindly believing a report from random people, always trying to get photo, video, or audible evidence. We are a very organized group and take this seriously.

  15. 0*% chance of your needs being met, this is just sad and wrong, no funny here.

  16. How come this bad thing (firearms #1 cause of death for children) only happens here?

  17. Rape, murder, etc., doesn't defend you from an attack or a tyrannical government.Guns do.All other places have done something about it, and guess what, criminals still get their hands on guns while good law-abiding citizens can't, and guess what, they die in these mass shootings. Also arguing on Reddit ain't gonna do anything, neither party is gonna change their beliefs about this.

  18. To be fair, that statement isn’t fair. I can sit here and say your wrong all day long. But if we are talking about fair, yeah no there is no fair! That’s fairytale land! There’s right and wrong, trump isn’t a dumpster fire, the media is biased tbh no matter who you watch anymore, etc.

  19. The shit coming out of your mouth proves you’re like a Ferrari, your ass and you head are inverted.

  20. Royal Purple, Magenta would seem slightly darker shade of purple.

  21. Climate changes all the time, that's true. We, as a species capable of greatly altering the environment, still need to be aware of the power that we have. It's a fact that we need to be better stewards of the planet.

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