1. Stop “what-about”-ing pedophilia. It’s bad in all situations

  2. …what? Are you ok? That video has literally nothing to do with the topic at hand

  3. I think a lot of people don’t understand that Canon Luke is pretty powerful. He went into exile roughly 6 years before The Force Awakens. That means he was Jedi Master Luke Skywalker for roughly 24 years. He had plenty of time to be the “badass” Legends Luke prior to his exile. So even if you didn’t like how he was portrayed in The Last Jedi, they have a 24 year period of time to explore Luke prior to that in comics, shows, or other movies.

  4. The only difference between Disney Luke and Luke From the Original EU is that the Original Luke learned and grew from his failures... while the Disney version gave up.

  5. EU Luke refuses to fight Darth Caedus and instead sends Jaina to do it for him. This comes after his cold-blooded killing of Lumiya. Canon Luke at least comes around and confronts Kylo in a non-violent way. Expanded Universe Luke was so afraid and so certain that he’d turn to the Dark Side that he voluntarily recluses himself and sends Caedus’s own sister to kill him. The dude is not only a coward, he’s also a terrible uncle.

  6. It means you’ve registered your Pokémon’s status screen as your “Y” button input

  7. Pretty unlikely, as the people behind most of Star Wars’ future (Kathleen Kennedy, Dave Filoni, and Jon Favreau) have shown they clearly like the Sequels. It would be nothing short of bizarre of them to randomly retcon their own work

  8. They’ve shown they like the sequels by staying as far away from them as they can and doing absolutely nothing in that era? Fascinating…

  9. Those aren’t Snoke. Snoke was created by Palpatine and the Sith Eternal on Exegol. The Empire wasn’t involved. They are actually the result of an experiment involving Midi-chlorian injections into a non-Force-sensitive host. The music that plays is the same music as in the opera scene from Revenge of the Sith, where Palpatine tells Anakin about Plagueis’ experiments with Midi-chlorian manipulation. That can’t be a coincidence.

  10. I know they’re not literally Snoke. I just meant that they are clearly an early attempt at cloning which led to Snoke. Snoke’s theme even plays in the background of this scene

  11. Has the Snoke thing been confirmed? I feel like that's one of those things people just treat as fact even though it's a theory.

  12. Snoke’s theme can be heard playing in the background of this scene. Regardless of whether or not it’s Snoke specifically, it’s related to the cloning experiments that were used to make him and bring Palpatine back.

  13. I don’t know for sure, but I think they either banned it or locked it. It can’t be upvoted

  14. Calling Luke a Mary Sue is not the way to go about refuting the claim of Rey being a Mary Sue.

  15. I do not believe Rey OR Luke are “Mary Sues”. I made this post to show the biases people have when they criticize one character, but not the other one. I believe that both Luke and Rey are simply exceptional characters. There’s nothing wrong with that. Sometimes people are really good at stuff.

  16. I hate that everyone just accepts the term "instinctively" when it makes no goddamn sense in context.

  17. But it was instinctively. Luke says so himself. He walked into the room to look into Ben’s mind. He saw an incredibly vivid vision of what Ben was going to do, so he reached for his weapon. It’s a defensive mechanism. If you’ve been a Jedi your whole life, you’re going to reach for your lightsaber when you’re scared. He was acting on impulse. But it lasted for maybe a second before he stopped himself. He was arguably acting under the influence of the Dark Side as well, as the moment is very similar to when Luke looks at his mechanical hand after defeating Vader. Except this time, he gets over it almost immediately.

  18. I mean, it’s pretty clearly implied that there’s some Dark Side stuff going on. Many famous Jedi act on fear and instinct (the Dark Side). The entire Jedi Council did it during the Clone Wars. Yoda even acknowledges that the Dark Side was clouding his vision and making the Jedi more aggressive. The difference with Luke is that he’s got a much better grip on himself. Whereas Mace Windu would’ve killed Ben right then and there, Luke only was only momentarily influenced, but immediately stopped himself.

  19. This is the second truest answer to the Skywalker lightsaber debate.

  20. There’s a difference between finding something in a chest and getting something as a present by your master, who’s dying in front of you

  21. Rey didn’t “find it” in a chest. It called to her, so Maz told her to take it. Rey presented it to Luke TWICE. He rejected it both times. First when she first came to Ahch-To and again just before Rey went to confront Snoke. She then goes on to reforge it and alter it. By all accounts, it was Rey’s lightsaber by that time.

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