Dumping thousands of rubber duckies into the Chicago River

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  1. Gives me some Minarets vibes too.

  2. For sure Minarets. Wouldn’t surprise me if they built Madman’s Eyes off of Minarets

  3. If you are into museums, natural history museum was very good

  4. I’m not so much, but my dad really is so that’s a good suggestion. Thanks!

  5. The first song I ever learned to play was the simplified version of Lie in Our Graves. “Sweet” is super easy to play as long as you have a capo.

  6. Oh man I’m good these days but I appreciate your kind words. I’m sorry to hear about your aunt as well. Fuck cancer.

  7. Kind of off topic but reading “oh man I’m good these days” makes me feel better in a way about some recent losses. Thanks for that 👍🏻

  8. It’s fine if he’s not interested, but it’s disappointing to see someone like him slam the show while also admitting that he hasn’t even watched it.

  9. Why do you want all these answers immediately from a show that plans to go for 5+ seasons? Just stop watching the show and just stick to explainer vids on YouTube if you want all the info at once.

  10. This. Not necessarily directed at anyone in this thread but people are so quick to demand answers and then say “well this makes no sense!” to certain plot points when it’s like buddy calm down, this show has a long ways to go and lots of time to explain things that might not make sense now.

  11. It made no sense why he tunnels were open to the sky. Of course they needed to remove trees, but if your labour force is burned by the sun and you need to dig a tunnel then dig it underground…

  12. Or….just do it the way they did it because it did exactly what they needed it to. Also, when you have a series of tunnels and fast running water, don’t you think they’d be worried about the tunnels collapsing and ruining the entire plan?

  13. I want to say “Some Devil” but I guess that’s not technically DMB.

  14. I do think this is so interesting. All songs seem to resonate with different people for different reasons. It’s one of the reasons I love this band. I will say, I always find it emotional when the crowd is screaming Grey Street with the band, all for different reasons.

  15. It’s one of the best things about the band, the ability to resonate with people in so many different ways

  16. So you’re telling me that’s NOT a Dave Matthews Band tour bus??

  17. Mile High Music Festival 7/20/2008 is a good one but as many have said, Central Park will probs take it

  18. This is a sneaky good one but no LeRoi so it’s unfortunately out of contention.

  19. Damn, I didn’t even think about that. Good catch.

  20. If you don’t like the “woo” then I don’t like you.

  21. The thing that worries me is that if someone has already made the decision to carry out a mass shooting (which based off OP’s post, all signs point to this being the case) do we really think a charge or two and maybe some jail time will really be enough to change that person’s mind? I mean, you’d like to reasonably think it would but “reason” is out the window when it comes to someone who is serious about killing innocent people and presumably has taken steps to do so. Who’s to say he won’t just turn around and try again once this whole situation is over and done with? Maybe there’s an investigation that reveals something more in depth to allow specific measures to be put into place to see to it that he doesn’t get the chance again. But if any kind of investigation (should there be one) doesn’t reveal anything, there’s realistically nothing of significance that can be done to eliminate that man’s chance to try again in the future.

  22. Oh to be you, really experiencing DMB for the first time again. Enjoy my friend.

  23. I get why the tip is entered prior to delivery, why would a driver take an order if no tip is guaranteed?

  24. Holy shit why have i never heard of this. I’ll be at the beach this Saturday but will definitely join the next. Thanks so much for posting this!!

  25. Alright everyone can we just downvote the shit out of this and be done with it

  26. I can’t remember word for word but it was something along the lines of “how do we know he wasn’t planning his own mass shooting?” referring to Eli Dicken

  27. Yes, but get there early because the lines are ridiculous (at least in my experience)

  28. A potential positive reason for this could be the fact that he was wasted before he could do a lot more damage. A mall food court + a rifle with multiple mags is recipe for a huge body count

  29. I feel as if lot of them don’t care if someone is there to shoot and kill them. I think most understand that they’re walking into their own death sentence, whether it be by someone at the scene or by way of life in prison/death penalty. Think of it as a warped way to commit suicide.

  30. I do also think that they want the amount of deaths to be as high as possible, so being able to kill for as long as possible is kind of important. However I fully agree with you.

  31. Oh for sure. It’s fucking terrifying, they want to get as many as they can and their own death doesn’t even scare them

  32. I legit think these fuckers all spent time on this subreddit. We live in a weird time.

  33. Yeah i remember i said something to the extent of that on a post a few weeks ago, and naturally got shit on and downvoted for it and the basic response i got was “nah they don’t care about this small sub”

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