1. I’d love child free places, everywhere. You chose to have them, why do I need to suffer and plan around them? Thanks.

  2. I love the CBC girlies but have stopped listening to their Kardashian specific episodes because they can’t seem to see the damage the family does

  3. Just seems like a flex. "I want to spend $1000 on a watch, where can I spend my money?"

  4. Really thought her labia was out in the second photo before I realized it was a plant

  5. You are a good person. Go back and explain the situation and pay for the item - you’ll feel a lot better afterwards.

  6. She says this but then when/if it becomes a reality she would not cope. She is so disgustingly privileged she doesn’t even see it.

  7. It’s not good. She really needs to take a break from social media and reflect on her life and what gives her happiness.

  8. I’m not a Kim fan. I hate that she is pushing her body dysmorphia into the world and is just generally a horrible narcissist however, something doesn’t seem right with her.

  9. I need to go back to school 😭embarrassing for my life and soul Fr

  10. It’s ok my sweet! I make this mistake when quickly typing on my phone all the time 💕

  11. I JUST FIGURED OUT WHAT BBC MEANS! Omg. Always was like British Broadcasting...center...? Jfc

  12. I honestly think it’s because Khloe doesn’t agree with Kourtneys parenting style and so they drifted apart

  13. Because Kim got dumped and now she needs to make it seem like she dumped him.

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