1. nah i don't f with cheaters but again who am i in this situation lol

  2. she is trying so hard to bring it back but it's not happening 😂

  3. i hated reading the tweets from his former employees like what was even the point? adding fuel to fire

  4. the thing i want to know the most is when will first found out did he tell ariel? or did he stay quite

  5. it’s so crazy the difference!!! he was actually….cute?

  6. i think she liked how much people talked about her after the met

  7. a relationship?? sir you are married with two kids what do you mean!!

  8. do you know why I feel extra bad for Ariel? She spoke in one of the videos about being insecure because she was older than ned, so it really hurts my heart that he cheated on her with someone much younger

  9. i saw him in one of the promos that hulu posted a few days ago so yeah he will be on but not as much

  10. i hate when parents dress their baby girls in those type of pants like why!

  11. i feel like she's doinng it on purpose at this point like wth is this! even if you are careless don't be proud of it and post it!

  12. How is Kylie just having her baby when she had hers before khloe? Lol

  13. i think they wanted to clear everything from khloe's side because it happened recently

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