1. The downfall of a good studio behind Timesplitters

  2. Windows already have Dolby Vision HDR support. You just need a display that support it and download the Dolby Vision Extensions app on Microsoft Store (Google it... it will show on top)

  3. I can’t get it to work right. I only get standard HDR, and yes my display supports DV.

  4. Yes because it’s an incredibly fun and addicting game. It is Metal Gear at it’s best and still looks good today. But be warned that MGSV is an incomplete game. Konami forced Kojima to release the game before he could properly finish it and the game just ends without a proper resolution. It’s the one gripe I had about playing it 2 years ago.

  5. This guys just regarded. Ignore him.

  6. You call him “regarded” when you should have typed “retarded”. Sorry but do you proof read or are you too retarded.

  7. Wet shiny streets when it’s sunny out.

  8. My favorite is Unforgiven. Even though it’s a bit of an anti-western.

  9. Nope, pretty sure it’s just the media hype-train using clickbait and woke tactics to get more clicks.

  10. I have no idea what shorn means but definitely not cranky, maybe annoyed by asinine response but definitely not cranky

  11. Sofia Coppola in Godfather Part III

  12. Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorcese

  13. Sean Connery wasn’t in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. Are you thinking of First Knight?

  14. Oh my god you’re right. I haven’t seen that movie in 30 years I completely forgot.

  15. It's a video game and not a movie, but Heavy Rain was the worst twist in media. It's one thing to have a bad twist by not setting it up properly, but Heavy Rain straight up lies to you the viewer in order to maintain the twist ending. It's awful.

  16. I remember this twist ruining the entire game for. I mean I was enjoying it all up until that point, and then the twist that defies all logic and felt like the developers were purposefully and intentionally fucking with me. I wanted to throw my controller at the screen. Poor storytelling.

  17. In Jurassic Park at the T-Rex paddock. The T-Rex comes out from the hole in the electrical fencing. But all of a sudden there is a giant cliff the T-Rex pushes the Explorer over the edge. Where did the cliff come from?

  18. Michael Moore documentaries, which are designed to make you feel enraged and take action. I don’t like all of them because they are a bit manipulative but I do get worked up by watching them.

  19. Stole money from my friend and roomate

  20. I’m not upset by casting decision. But I definitely think there was an agenda from the Disney Woke Machine. This is not the first time they done this and I think it’s getting overwhelming. None of the live action remakes are capturing the same magic and soul that made the animated originals work. And I feel Disney is too preoccupied with adhering to a checkbox agenda than actually making a good movie. I’m sure this actress is incredibly talented and I hope she blows away the naysayers, but I also hope her talents aren’t wasted on a soulless movie.

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