Fina bans trans swimmers from women's elite events

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  1. No. A con is a trick. PS+ is a known expense that comes with playing PS online, it's not secret or hidden, you aren't forced to pay it.

  2. Lot of people selling used unfranked stamps on ebay. They been trying to combat the issue for years, instructing staff to cancel stamps with pens. Unfortunately its a losing battle, the reason is also for machines to read barcodes and sort the 2nd and 1st class . Personally I'd get rid of the class system its antiquated and unnecessary.

  3. First class basically seems the standard now, in the world of automatic sorting, surely its more effort to slow the 2nd class stuff down, do they just put it to one side for a day?

  4. Basically yes, 2nd class from the evening of arriving is segregated from 1st. It then is sorted the following day it has a number of days (a window) to be processed.

  5. Rather buy what I wanted than play chance games with loot boxes. From what I understand the UK was banning such purchases in games.

  6. Metal and rock on cd is difficult to get hold of in thrift and charity shops. I look fir them often and rarely get lucky. I have no doubt those type of cd's will fetch a good price now and further down the line I think vinyl will fall out of favour at some point over the next 2 to 3 yrs. Money is getting tight for most people with the economy on a low ebb. People will have to sacrifice disposable income for other things more important. My 2 cents on the subject. Am I right or am I wrong? Time will tell.

  7. Always one that comes up for stuff like this, it's such a brilliant game why go and spoil it with daft ideas

  8. Sorry to be a bearer of bad news, but you will never complete, more kallax units incoming

  9. Would this have happened if we remained in the EU and all these industries could have just hired from abroad?

  10. We will end up regretting not investing more in our armed forces. Nobody want to invest or think too much about our girls and boys in the armed forces, until it's too late.

  11. You will be pleasantly surprised by what hardware is hidden in the hills and valleys

  12. I wish someone would let the Armed Forces know what's hidden.

  13. And you think military owned land in the middle of nowhere is used for training purposes?

  14. This needs supporting in every sport. Men changing into women for their own selfish goals.

  15. Stop shooting at thin air and hit targets, we keep hearing about what Russians blew up but never hear what Ukrainians are hitting.

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